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Extends functionality of composer's ant tasks


Importing projects into composer workspace

<pro.importProject project="${composer project name}" location="${directory containing project}" copy="${true/false - whether to copy project's files into workspaces or not}" replace="${true/false - whether to replace already exising project or not}" />

Setting upgrade option to composer artifacts

<pro.setUpgradeOption project="${composer project name}">
        <artifact name="${artifact name or *}" category="${category name or *}" upgradeOption="${IGNORE|VERSIONIFNEWER|VERSION|OVERWRITE}" />

Copying resulting dar file into directory

<mkdir dir="${output.dir}" />
<pro.copyDar project="${project name}" todir="${output directory}" />

Replacing content of artifacts

<pro.importContents file="${basedir}/importcontents.txt" />

where importcontents.txt looks like:

<project name>:<artifact name>:<artifact category>:<path to file|environment variable or system property pointing to the path to file>