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Nginx SSL statistics module
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Nginx SSL statistics module.

Each worker process appends its SSL statistics values to shared memory zone from which this values can be viewed by HTTP-request. It's possible to collect independent statistics for a virtual server or assign multiple virtual servers to one zone and get summed up values for them.


The module can be build only as built-in module, not dynamic. Add --add-module=<path_to_this_cloned_repo> to nginx configure script. Example:

cd nginx-src
./configure --with-http_ssl_module --add-module=../ngx_http_ssl_status_module


A server saves its SSL statistics to a zone defined by ssl_status_zone option. Statistics can be accessed by a location marked by ssl_status option. Example:

server {
    server_name A;
    ssl_status_zone zone1;

server {
    server_name B;
    ssl_status_zone zone1;

server {
    server_name C;
    ssl_status_zone zone2;

    location /stat1 {
        ssl_status zone1;

    location /stat2 {
        ssl_status zone2;
  • Statistics for servers A and B (with summed up counters) will be available at /stat1 of server C.
  • Statistics for server C will be available at /stat2 of server C. Stats will not be collected for servers without ssl_status_zone option.

Each field name corresponds apropriate statistics function name: SSL_CTX_sess_*

curl https://localhost/ssl_stat
number: 0
connect: 0
connect_good: 0
connect_renegotiate: 0
accept: 21
accept_good: 21
accept_renegotiate: 0
hits: 5
cb_hits: 0
misses: 0
timeouts: 0
cache_full: 0
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