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/* Copyright (c) 2012 Andrey Nechypurenko
See the file LICENSE for copying permission.
#include ""
module actuators
struct ActuatorDescription
// Actuator unique (for the group) id
short id;
// For example camera servo
string description;
// Model id
string vendorid;
sequence<ActuatorDescription> ActuatorDescriptionSeq;
// Used to tell actuator to make the movement with
// specified speed and distance.
struct ActuatorData
// Which actuator
short id;
// In rotations per second. Rotate backwards if negative
float speed;
// In rotations
float distance;
sequence<ActuatorData> ActuatorFrame;
interface ActuatorGroup
idempotent admin::State* getStateInterface();
idempotent ActuatorDescriptionSeq getActuatorDescription();
void setActuatorsAndWait(ActuatorFrame duties);
void setActuatorsNoWait(ActuatorFrame duties);
#endif // __ACTUATORS_ICE