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Speed and position estimation with Kalman filter (CS-373 unit 2) with
real robot.

As a robotics platform this example uses hardware and software we are
developing for our Veter-project: http://veterobot.com .
Corresponding sourcs are available here:

In this example, we estimate our own position and speed based on the
rear sonar measurement (distance to the wall). In the Unit 2, several
examples are mentioned where Kalman filter was applied to estimate the
speed and position of the *other* vehicles. We simplify our test case
by estimating our own position relative to the well known marker - the
wall. If you are not happy with this simplification, then you can
always assume, that we conduct this experiment in the coordinate
system which is collocated with the vehicle. In this case, the wall
was moving and we were estimating the speed and position of the wall
relative to our vehicle :-) .

The one second pause between movements is made intentionally to
highlight the moments where the measurements were taken. In fact, it
is very easy to modify the source code by commenting out corresponding
sleep call to achieve "smooth" movement.

The video of the experiment could be seen on YouTube: