Snippets for various languages for Kakoune editor.
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Kakoune Snippet Collection

This repository contains snippets for various languages. Those snippets are designed to work with occivink/kakoune-snippets plugin.


With plug.kak

You need to install both occivink/kakoune-snippets and andreyorst/kakoune-snippet-collection plugins and configure the former, so it could know where to get snippets, by defining a path to this plugin's snippet directory in the snippet_directories option.

Overall configuration can look like this:

plug "occivink/kakoune-snippets" config %{
    set-option -add global snippets_directories "%opt{plug_install_dir}/kakoune-snippet-collection/snippets"
    # some other kakoune-snippets related configurations

plug "andreyorst/kakoune-snippet-collection"

Without plugin manager

You still need to install kakoune-snippets plugin by Occivink. Follow installation instructions in official repository. Then clone this repository where you want it to, and either symlink snippets directory to Kakoune configuration directory, or modify snippet_directories variable to contain path to it.


Feel free to submit snippets for your favorite language. The main goal of this repository is to build comprehend collection of snippets, for vast majority of languages that Kakoune supports. If you think that some snippets can be improved, feel free to open Issue, E-mail me, or send pull request with modified snippet.

Adding new snippets

If snippets for given language aren't presented in this repository, and you want to contribute your snippets, to make them available for others, feel free to add them to the snippets directory, by following this simple set of rules:

  • Share snippets between languages if possible: If snippets can be shared between several languages consider putting those in a folder named (filetype1|filetype2|...|filetypeN). Otherwise name folder to filetype.
  • Consider using proper descriptions in filenames:
    • |} - some weird snippet is a bad description.
    • |} - Closure, anonymous function (block) is fine.
  • Use meaningful default text for placeholders: People who will expand your snippets for the first time should understand what snippet wants from them to insert.