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Build and transform dependency graphs from JS, CSS or other code bases
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dgraph is a replacement for module-deps which:

  • is almost fully compatible with module-deps for the exception of different caching mechanism, otherwise it reuses test suite from module-deps
  • allows you to extract dependencies and enrich modules via module transforms (in addition to source transform)


% npm install dgraph


dgraph is fully compatible with module-deps so you all configuration options and API are the same:

var dgraph = require('dgraph'),
    JSONStream = require('JSONStream')

dgraph('./', {transform: 'coffeeify'})

Global transforms

Transforms specified via command line or function arguments only works for modules not in node_modules/ (this is behaviour of module-deps also).

dgraph also supports globalTransform argument which allows to specify transforms for all modules even those in node_modules/.

Module transforms

In addition to source transforms which are supported by module-deps, there's module transforms which can transform modules themselves.

For dgraph to distinguish between source and module transforms you should define a module transform as a function of two arguments — filename and graph. That way module transforms can use Graph API to resolve dependencies.

Even extraction of CommonJS dependencies implemented as a module transform:

var detective = require('detective')

module.exports = function(mod, graph) {
  if (graph.opts.noParse && graph.opts.noParse.indexOf( > -1) return
  var deps = detective(mod.source)

  return graph.resolveMany(deps, mod)
    .then(function(deps) { return {deps: deps} })
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