<textarea /> component for React which grows with content
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Drop-in replacement for the textarea component which automatically resizes textarea as content changes. A native React version of the popular jQuery Autosize! Weighs 1.87 KB (minified & gzipped).

This module supports IE9 and above.

import Textarea from 'react-textarea-autosize';

// If you use CommonJS syntax:
// var Textarea = require('react-textarea-autosize').default;

    <Textarea />


npm install react-textarea-autosize




How to focus

Get a ref to inner textarea:

<Textarea inputRef={tag => (this.textarea = tag)} />

And then call a focus on that ref:


To autofocus:

<Textarea autoFocus />

(all HTML attributes are passed to inner textarea)

How to test it with jest and react-test-renderer

Because jest provides polyfills for DOM objects by requiring jsdom and react-test-renderer doesn't provide refs for rendered components out of the box (calling ref callbacks with null), you need to supply a mocked ref in your tests. You can do it like this (more can be read here):

const tree = renderer
  .create(<Textarea />, {
    createNodeMock: () => document.createElement('textarea')


To release patch, minor or major version:

% npm run release:patch
% npm run release:minor
% npm run release:major

This will run eslint, compile sources from src/ to dist/, bump a version in package.json and then create a new git commit with tag. If tests or linter fails — commit won't be created. If tasks succeed it publishes to npm and pushes a tag to github.