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Minimal colorscheme for vim
Vim script
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This is a fork of vim-colors-off which is being developed based on my personal taste.


Minimalistic colorscheme which uses bold to highlight keywords and a distinguished color for constant literals (string, numbers, JSX tags).


Light Variant

Screenshot Screenshot

Dark Variant

Screenshot Screenshot

Installation & Usage

With vim-plug you add this to the .vimrc:

Plug 'andreypopp/vim-colors-plain'


set background=light " Set to dark for a dark variant
colorscheme plain


  • What terminal emulator is shown on the screenshots?

    This is kitty. Fast and highly configurable.

  • Is this Vim or Neovim on the screenshots and why?

    This is Neovim.

  • What font is being used on the screenshots?

    Pragmata Pro which is not free but worth the money paid. Iosevka is another great font I used before which is similar in feel.

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