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This package is used by xCSS to provide plugin for browserify. You probably wouldn't want to use it directly but rather via xCSS itself.

Since 3.28.0 version browserify has a new feature called plugins. This allows you to run xcss along with browserify and extract references to stylesheets from your code, so you can write:



and have ./styles.xcss bundled in a resulted stylesheet bundle.


Install via npm:

% npm install xcss

Using from command line

The command-line usage of browserify + xcss looks like:

browserify -p [ xcss -o ./bundle.css ] -o ./bundle.js ./index.js

After running this you will have bundle.js and bundle.css created in the directory.

Using programmatically

If you use browserify programmatically, then usage is as follows:

var fs = require('fs')
var browserify = require('browserify')
var xcss = require('xcss')

var b = browserify('./index.js').plugin(xcss)
var stream = b.bundle()

As you can see, there's stream.css stream which you can pipe to the destination.