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<h4>Programming &amp; Design</h4>
<p>Sveinbjorn Thordarson (<a href=""></a>)</p>
<p>If you enjoy Platypus, please consider
<a href="">donating</a> to support
further development and webhosting</p>
<p>Jon Hooper (Hexley the Platypus icon)<br>
Troy Stephens (IconFamily class)<br>
Gianni Ceccarelli (Piping for AuthExec)</p>
<h4>Monetary Donators (<i>Thanks!</i>)</h4>
Oscar Linares<br>
Robert Goeke<br>
Douglas Frick<br>
Robert Morton<br>
Pauline McNamara<br>
William Restemeyer<br>
Hossein Firooznia<br>
Marc Rohlfing<br>
Christophe Ambroise<br>
Roger Morrow<br>
Jason Sewell<br>
Peter Dobratz<br>
George B. Smith<br>
Mario Aeby <br>
Eric Jensen<br>
Ty Clendenny<br>
Robert Crews<br>
Pedro Estarque<br>
Bjoern Kriews<br>
Massimo Canali<br>
Robin Lake<br>
Martin Skladal<br>
Derick Fay<br>
Carlo Gandolfi<br>
Dan Young<br>
Johan Klassen<br>
George B Smith<br>
Gordon McCreight<br>
JJ Spreij<br>
Alexander da Franca Schulz<br>
<h4>Feedback &amp; feature suggestions</h4>
<p> Shawn N<br>
Wataru Kagawa<br>
Patrick Niemeyer<br>
George Ganjei<br>
Knut Skrindo<br>
Frank Timmes<br>
Len Laughridge<br>
Angus McIntyre<br>
Aaron Voisine<br>
Andrew Rohl<br>
William Restemeyer<br>
Mark Moorcroft<br>
Brad Allen<br>
Chris D<br>
Chad Cunningham<br>
Aaron Madlon-Kay<br>
Tommy Nordgren<br>
Mat Caughron<br>
<h4>With special thanks to...</h4>
Wilfredo Sanchez, author of DropScript<br>
Everyone at <a href=""></a><br>
The <a href="">OmniGroup</a> MacOSX-Dev Mailing List<br>