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For 4.0
* Now both Platypus and Platypus-generated apps require Mac OS X 10.4 or later.
* Interface streamlined and improved
* Overhauled entire source code backend.
* Optimized binaries of Platypus and Platypus-generated apps. Both are now leaner, meaner and slimmer than ever before.
* New file-based Profiles feature
* New application icon and new icon presets for generated apps
* New Web Output mode. Scripts can generate HTML which is rendered in a WebKit view in the Platypus-generated application
* New option to configure text size, font and color for Text Output mode
* New option to send arguments to script interpreter
* New option to disable passing path to app as first argument to script
* New "Secure script" encryption method
* Command line tool now has complete feature parity with the Platypus app
* Command line tool can now load Platypus profiles
* Command line tool now installed/uninstalled through Platypus Preferences
* New "Estimated final app size" reporting feature
* "Show Shell Command" option now correctly adds icon parameters
* Fixed bug where "Run Script in Terminal" option failed to escape script path
* Fixed bug with reversed LSMinimumSystemVersion property in Info.plist of generated applications
* Fixed bug where the same file could be added multiple times to Bundled Files list
* Fixed memory leak in Platypus-generated apps where a large amount of text output would cause the application to crash
* New and better man page for command line tool
* Updated and improved documentation
* Updated to latest IconFamily class code for icon generation
For 3.4
* Fixed problem where Platypus refused to launch on certain Mac OS X 10.3.x systems
* Platypus-generated apps are now Universal Binaries and require Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later
* Various bug fixes, error checks and minor improvements
For 3.2
Fixed two memory leaks
Info.plists now contain LSHasLocalizedDisplayName, NSAppleScriptEnabled,CFBundleDisplayName, NSHumanReadableCopyright
Property List code is now much cleaner
Python syntax checking incorporated
Editing of environmental variables via an interface pane
* English.lproj is en.lproj in accordance with Apple's specifications
* Sliding animation when advanced options are revealed