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ScriptExec - binary bundled into Platypus-created applications
Copyright (C) 2008 Sveinbjorn Thordarson <>
This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version.
This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
Foundation, Inc., 675 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA.
#import "ScriptExecController.h"
@implementation ScriptExecController
- (id)init
if (self = [super init])
arguments = [[NSMutableArray alloc] initWithCapacity: kMaxFileArguments+2];
fileArgs = [[NSMutableArray alloc] initWithCapacity: kMaxFileArguments];
isTaskDone = NO;
isTaskStarted = NO;
textEncoding = NSASCIIStringEncoding;
return self;
if (arguments != NULL) { [arguments release]; }
if (fileArgs != NULL) { [fileArgs release]; }
[super dealloc];
- (void)applicationDidFinishLaunching:(NSNotification *)aNotification
//load settings from app bundle
[self loadSettings];
//put application name into the relevant menu items
[quitMenuItem setTitle: [NSString stringWithFormat: @"Quit %@", appName]];
[aboutMenuItem setTitle: [NSString stringWithFormat: @"About %@", appName]];
[hideMenuItem setTitle: [NSString stringWithFormat: @"Hide %@", appName]];
//create progress window if so specified
if (outputType == kProgressBarOutput)
//prepare progress bar
[progressBar setUsesThreadedAnimation: YES];
[progressBar startAnimation: self];
//preare window
[progressWindow setTitle: appName];
[progressWindow center];
[progressWindow makeKeyAndOrderFront: self];
else if (outputType == kTextOutput)
// set font and color
[textOutputTextField setFont: textFont];
[textOutputTextField setTextColor: textForeground];
[textOutputTextField setBackgroundColor: textBackground];
// fire off progress indicator
[textOutputProgressIndicator setUsesThreadedAnimation: YES];
[textOutputProgressIndicator startAnimation: self];
// prepare window
[textOutputWindow setTitle: appName];
[textOutputWindow center];
[textOutputWindow makeKeyAndOrderFront: self];
else if (outputType == kWebOutput)
// fire off progress indicator
[webOutputProgressIndicator setUsesThreadedAnimation: YES];
[webOutputProgressIndicator startAnimation: self];
// prepare window
[webOutputWindow setTitle: appName];
[webOutputWindow center];
[webOutputWindow makeKeyAndOrderFront: self];
//create argument list
[arguments addObjectsFromArray: paramsArray];
// add script as argument to interpreter
if (secureScript)
[arguments addObject: kTempScriptFile];
[arguments addObject: scriptPath];
//set $1 as path of application bundle
if (appPathAsFirstArg)
[arguments addObject: [[NSBundle mainBundle] bundlePath]];
if ([fileArgs count] > 0)//if there are any dropped files, we add them as arguments after $1
[arguments addObjectsFromArray: fileArgs];
//start new thread for executing script
if (execStyle == kPrivilegedExecution) //Authentication mode
[self executeScriptWithPrivileges];
else //plain old regular
[self executeScript];
#pragma mark -
//launch regular user task with NSTask
- (void)executeScript
isTaskStarted = YES;
//initalize task
task = [[NSTask alloc] init];
// we monitor output if TextWindow or web output
if (outputType == kTextOutput || outputType == kWebOutput)
outputPipe = [NSPipe pipe];
[task setStandardOutput: outputPipe];
[task setStandardError: outputPipe];
readHandle = [outputPipe fileHandleForReading];
[[NSNotificationCenter defaultCenter] addObserver:self selector:@selector(getTextData:) name:NSFileHandleReadCompletionNotification object:readHandle];
[readHandle readInBackgroundAndNotify];
//apply settings for task
[task setLaunchPath: interpreter];
[task setArguments: arguments];
//set it off
[task launch];
//set off timer that checks task status, i.e. when it's done
checkStatusTimer = [NSTimer scheduledTimerWithTimeInterval: 0.25 target: self selector:@selector(checkTaskStatus) userInfo: nil repeats: YES];
// check if task is running
- (void)checkTaskStatus
if (![task isRunning])//if it's no longer running, we do clean up
[checkStatusTimer invalidate];
[self taskFinished];
#pragma mark -
//launch task with privileges using Authentication Manager
- (void)executeScriptWithPrivileges
OSErr err = noErr;
short i;
char *args[kMaxFileArguments+2];
char interpreterStr[kMaxPathLength];
FILE *outputFile;
AuthorizationRef authorizationRef;
isTaskStarted = YES;
[interpreter getCString: (char *)&interpreterStr maxLength: kMaxPathLength];
//create arguments array
for (i = 0; i < [arguments count]; i++)
args[i] = malloc(kMaxPathLength);
[[arguments objectAtIndex:i] getCString: (char *)args[i] maxLength: kMaxPathLength];
if (i == [arguments count]-1) // if last argument, we terminate array of args with a null
args[i+1] = NULL;
// Use Apple's Authentication Manager APIs to get an Authorization Reference
// This is not the Apple-recommended way of doing this -- but with setuid under attack etc, it'll just have to do
// The question remains whether we should use something other than an empty environment
// A lot of people have reported problems with scripts because of unset environmental variables
err = AuthorizationCreate(NULL, kAuthorizationEmptyEnvironment, kAuthorizationFlagDefaults, &authorizationRef);
if (err != errAuthorizationSuccess)
NSLog(@"Authorization for script execution failed - Error %d", err);
[[NSApplication sharedApplication] terminate: self];
//use Authorization Reference to execute script with privileges
if (!(err = AuthorizationExecuteWithPrivileges(authorizationRef,(char *)&interpreterStr, kAuthorizationFlagDefaults, args, &outputFile)) != noErr)
//get NSFileHandle for the task output
readHandle = [[NSFileHandle alloc] initWithFileDescriptor: fileno(outputFile)];
childPid = fcntl(fileno(outputFile), F_GETOWN, 0);//get pid
// read the filehandle in the background and regularly print output into text window
[[NSNotificationCenter defaultCenter] addObserver:self selector:@selector(getTextData:) name:NSFileHandleReadCompletionNotification object:readHandle];
[readHandle readInBackgroundAndNotify];
[NSTimer scheduledTimerWithTimeInterval: 0.25 target: self selector:@selector(checkPrivilegedTaskStatus) userInfo: nil repeats: YES];
// destroy the auth ref
AuthorizationFree(authorizationRef, kAuthorizationFlagDefaults);
if (args != NULL)
NSLog(@"Error %d occurred when attempting to run AuthorizationExecuteWithPrivileges. Terminating...", err);
[[NSApplication sharedApplication] terminate: self];
// check if privileged task is running
- (void)checkPrivilegedTaskStatus
int ret, pid;
pid = waitpid(childPid, &ret, WNOHANG);
if (pid != 0)
[self taskFinished];
#pragma mark -
// OK, called when task is finished. Some cleaning up to do, controls need to be adjusted, etc.
- (void)taskFinished
//if we're using the hidden encrypted script, we must remove the temporary clear-text one in /tmp/
if (secureScript)
if ([[NSFileManager defaultManager] fileExistsAtPath: kTempScriptFile])
[[NSFileManager defaultManager] removeFileAtPath: kTempScriptFile handler: nil];
if (!remainRunning)
{ // we quit if the app isn't explicity set to continue running
[[NSApplication sharedApplication] terminate: self];
else if (outputType == kTextOutput)
//update controls for text output window
[textOutputCancelButton setTitle: @"Quit"];
[textOutputCancelButton setKeyEquivalent:@"\r"];
[textOutputProgressIndicator stopAnimation: self];
else if (outputType == kProgressBarOutput)
//update controls for progress bar output
[messageTextField setStringValue: @"Task completed"];
[progressBar stopAnimation: self];
[cancelButton setTitle: @"Quit"];
[cancelButton setKeyEquivalent:@"\r"];
else if (outputType == kWebOutput)
//update controls for web output window
[webOutputCancelButton setTitle: @"Quit"];
[webOutputCancelButton setKeyEquivalent:@"\r"];
[webOutputProgressIndicator stopAnimation: self];
isTaskDone = YES;
// read from the file handle and append it to the text window
- (void) getTextData: (NSNotification *)aNotification
//get the data
NSData *data = [[aNotification userInfo] objectForKey:NSFileHandleNotificationDataItem];
//make sure there's actual data
if ([data length])
//append the output to the text field
NSString *outputStr = [[NSString alloc] initWithData: data encoding: textEncoding];
[textOutputTextField setString: [[textOutputTextField string] stringByAppendingString: outputStr] ];
[outputStr release];
// if web output, we continually re-render to accomodate incoming data, else we scroll down
if (outputType == kWebOutput)
[[webOutputWebView mainFrame] loadHTMLString: [textOutputTextField string] baseURL: [NSURL fileURLWithPath: [[NSBundle mainBundle] resourcePath]] ];
[textOutputTextField scrollRangeToVisible:NSMakeRange([[textOutputTextField string] length], 0)];
// we schedule the file handle to go and read more data in the background again.
[[aNotification object] readInBackgroundAndNotify];
#pragma mark -
// respond to AEOpenDoc -- so much more convenient than working with Apple Event Descriptors
- (BOOL)application:(NSApplication *)theApplication openFile:(NSString *)filename
if (!isTaskStarted)
[fileArgs addObject: filename];
return TRUE;
else //once script task has started, we refuse all opened files
return FALSE;
// This is something worth working on -- the launching of the script again when new
// files are dropped
- (NSApplicationTerminateReply)applicationShouldTerminate:(NSApplication *)sender
//terminate task
if (task != NULL)
if ([task isRunning])
[task terminate];
[task release];
// just one more time, make sure we don't leave the clear-text script in the /tmp/ directory
if ([[NSFileManager defaultManager] fileExistsAtPath: kTempScriptFile])
[[NSFileManager defaultManager] removeFileAtPath: kTempScriptFile handler: nil];
#pragma mark -
//load configuration files from application bundle
- (void)loadSettings
NSBundle *appBundle = [NSBundle mainBundle];
NSFileManager *fmgr = [NSFileManager defaultManager];
NSDictionary *appSettingsPlist;
//make sure all the config files are present -- if not, we quit
if ( ![fmgr fileExistsAtPath: [appBundle pathForResource:@"AppSettings.plist" ofType:nil]])
[self fatalAlert: @"Corrupted app bundle" subText: @"Vital configuration file missing from the application bundle."];
//get app name
appName = [[appBundle executablePath] lastPathComponent];
//get dictionary with app settings
appSettingsPlist = [NSDictionary dictionaryWithContentsOfFile: [appBundle pathForResource:@"AppSettings.plist" ofType:nil]];
if (appSettingsPlist == NULL)
[self fatalAlert: @"Corrupted app settings" subText: @"The AppSettings.plist file for this application is corrupt."];
//determine output type
NSString *outputTypeStr = [appSettingsPlist objectForKey:@"OutputType"];
if ([outputTypeStr isEqualToString: @"Progress Bar"])
outputType = kProgressBarOutput;
else if ([outputTypeStr isEqualToString: @"Text Window"])
outputType = kTextOutput;
// if we have text output, we dearchive the color/font objects
textFont = [NSKeyedUnarchiver unarchiveObjectWithData: [appSettingsPlist objectForKey:@"TextFont"]];
textForeground = [NSKeyedUnarchiver unarchiveObjectWithData: [appSettingsPlist objectForKey:@"TextForeground"]];
textBackground = [NSKeyedUnarchiver unarchiveObjectWithData: [appSettingsPlist objectForKey:@"TextBackground"]];
textEncoding = (int)[[appSettingsPlist objectForKey:@"TextEncoding"] intValue];
//make sure all this data is sane
if (textFont == NULL) { textFont = [NSFont fontWithName: @"Monaco" size: 10.0]; }
if (textForeground == NULL) { textForeground = [NSColor blackColor]; }
if (textBackground == NULL) { textBackground = [NSColor blackColor]; }
if (textEncoding < 1) { textEncoding = NSASCIIStringEncoding; }
else if ([outputTypeStr isEqualToString: @"Web View"])
outputType = kWebOutput;
outputType = kNoOutput;
//arguments to interpreter
paramsArray = [appSettingsPlist objectForKey:@"InterpreterParams"];
//pass app path as first arg?
appPathAsFirstArg = [[appSettingsPlist objectForKey:@"AppPathAsFirstArg"] boolValue];
//determine execution style
execStyle = [[appSettingsPlist objectForKey:@"RequiresAdminPrivileges"] boolValue];
//remain running?
remainRunning = [[appSettingsPlist objectForKey:@"RemainRunningAfterCompletion"] boolValue];
//is script encrypted and checksummed?
secureScript = [[appSettingsPlist objectForKey: @"Secure"] boolValue];
//get interpreter
interpreter = [appSettingsPlist objectForKey:@"ScriptInterpreter"];
//if the script is not "Secure" then we need a script file, else we need data in appsettings.plist
if ((!secureScript && ![fmgr fileExistsAtPath: [appBundle pathForResource:@"script" ofType:nil]]) || (secureScript && [appSettingsPlist objectForKey:@"TextSettings"] == NULL))
[self fatalAlert: @"Corrupted app bundle" subText: @"Script missing from application bundle."];
//get path to script
scriptPath = [appBundle pathForResource:@"script" ofType:nil];
hiddenScriptPath = [appBundle pathForResource:@".script" ofType:nil];
//if it is secured, we decode and write it to /tmp/
if (secureScript)
// make sure we can write to /tmp/ -- you never know, eh?
BOOL existsAtPath = [fmgr fileExistsAtPath: kTempScriptFile];
if (![fmgr isWritableFileAtPath: TMP_PATH] || ([fmgr fileExistsAtPath: kTempScriptFile] && ![fmgr isWritableFileAtPath: TMP_PATH]))
[self fatalAlert: @"Unable to write temporary files" subText: @"Could not write to the /tmp/ directory. Make sure this directory exists and that you have write privileges."];
// remove file if it does exist and we have write privileges
if (existsAtPath) { [fmgr removeFileAtPath: kTempScriptFile handler: nil]; }
// decode and write script
NSString *b_str = [NSKeyedUnarchiver unarchiveObjectWithData: [appSettingsPlist objectForKey:@"TextSettings"]];
NSData *sd = [NSData dataWithBase64EncodedString: b_str];
NSString *ss = [[NSString alloc] initWithData: sd encoding: NSASCIIStringEncoding];
[ss writeToFile: kTempScriptFile atomically: YES];
[ss release];
// Respond to Cancel by exiting application
- (IBAction)cancel:(id)sender
[[NSApplication sharedApplication] terminate: self];
#pragma mark -
- (void)fatalAlert: (NSString *)message subText: (NSString *)subtext
NSAlert *alert = [[NSAlert alloc] init];
[alert addButtonWithTitle:@"OK"];
[alert setMessageText: message];
[alert setInformativeText: subtext];
[alert setAlertStyle: NSCriticalAlertStyle];
if ([alert runModal] == NSAlertFirstButtonReturn)
[alert release];
[[NSApplication sharedApplication] terminate: self];