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WebSocket with automatic reconnection
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ReWebSocket: WebSocket with automatic reconnection

ReWebSocket is 99% API-compatible with WebSocket:

var WebSocket = require('ws');
var ReWebSocket = require('rewebsocket')(WebSocket);

var ws = new ReWebSocket("ws://");;  // the only big difference: need to call open explicitly!

ws.onmessage = function(event) {
  console.log("Received %j",;
ws.onopen = function(event) {
ws.onclose = function(event) {
  if (event.previousReadyState == WebSocket.OPEN)
    console.log("Connection failed.");
ws.onerror = function(event) {
  // in most cases, you only want to handle this event for logging purposes
  // console.log("Error: %s", event.message);
ws.onconnecting = function(event) {


npm install rewebsocket

Also works as a client-side module via Browserify.

API differences from WebSocket

Method differences:

  • You need to call open explicitly to start connection.
  • You can call open and close multiple times; after you call open, ReWebSocket will try to keep the connection open until you call close.
  • Additional reconnect method closes and reopens the connection.

Event differences:

  • In onclose, readyState will be WebSocket.CONNECTING if a reconnection attempt is pending, and WebSocket.CLOSED after an explicit close call.
  • In onclose, additional previousReadyState property is provided. You can use it to distinguish failed connection attempts from aborted connections, as demonstrated by the example above.
  • Additional onconnecting event is fired before each connection attempt.


  • timeoutInterval — connectiont timeout in milliseconds, defaults to 10000.
  • reconnectIntervals — array of delays between reconnection attempts, in milliseconds; defaults to [10, 100, 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, 5000, 8000, 13000, 21000, 34000, 55000, 60000]; use this to specify your preferred back-off scheme; after a successful connection, the first value is used again; the last value is the maximum interval.

Running the example

node example/example.js

For additional logging, try:

DEBUG=rewebsocket node example/example.js


© 2012 Andrey Tarantsov

Provided under the MIT license.

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