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Woot! — Instant project creation

Create a template once, use everywhere:

$ woot npm-package foo-bar

You will now be prompted for the following values:

  --description VALUE

You can also provide them on the command line if you want.

description: Amazing new package

Argument values:
  name (underscored) = foo_bar
  name (dashed) = foo-bar
  name (camelCase) = fooBar
  name (CamelCase) = FooBar
  description (human readable) = Amazing new package
  github_user (raw) = andreyvit

Is this correct (yes/no) [yes]:

 create    /private/tmp/wutest/foo-bar
 add       .npmignore
 add       .gitignore
 add       package.json
 add       README.md
 add       lib/index.coffee
 add       lib/index.js
 add       test/foo_bar_test.coffee
 add       test/foo_bar_test.js
 run       git init
 run       npm install


The second argument defaults to the current folder. Woot never overwrites files, so if you run it again, it will only add the missing ones.

Any subfolder under ~/.woot is a template. In the future, I might add an option to distribute templates as npm modules (woot-something).

Variables like __something__ are substituted in file names and data. __name__ is set to the folder name, other values come from ~/.woot.json, command-line arguments or interactive answers.

You can save variables to ~/.woot.json using --save:

woot --github-user andreyvit --save

Add woot.json to your template to run some custom commands as the last step:

    "after": [
        "git init",
        "npm install"

Variable substitution details

Variables are automatically transformed by example. If you provide CoolModel as a value for model_name, the following substitutions will be made:

__model_name_raw__   CoolModel   # untransformed input
__model_name__       cool_model
__ModelName__        CoolModel
__modelName__        coolModel
__model-name__       cool-model

You can append woot to any name, which is both cool and helps to provide examples for single-word names:

__name__             foo_bar
__name_woot__        foo_bar
__name-woot__        foo-bar
__NameWoot__         FooBar
__nameWoot__         fooBar
__name woot__        foo bar
__Name Woot__        Foo Bar

Note that the last two ones (with spaces) are only available via woot (to avoid runaway name lookups). The corresponding substitutions for model_name variable will be:

__model_name woot__  cool model
__Model_Name Woot__  Cool Model



npm install woot


© 2012, Andrey Tarantsov, distributed under the MIT license.

Make woot, not wat!