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Jakarta Commons Collections

Welcome to the Collections component of the Jakarta Commons project.
This component contains many new collections and collection utilities.

Two jar files are produced by this component.
The first, commons-collections.jar is the main jar used by applications.
The second, commons-collections-testframework.jar is an extension to junit
for testing new collection implementations and is not normally used by applications.

Building from source
This component requires the excellent Ant utility.
It can be found here :

For testing the project, you will also need JUnit :

To let the test process find JUnit, you may make a 
copy of the file, rename to,  and modify to reflect
the location of the junit.jar on your computer.

Once you have Ant properly installed, and the file correctly reflects the location
of your junit.jar, you are ready to build and test.
The major targets are:

ant compile      - compile the code
ant test         - test using junit
ant jar          - create a jar file
ant javadoc      - build the javadoc
ant dist         - create folders as per a distribution
ant tf.jar       - create the testframework jar file
ant tf.javadoc   - build the testframework javadoc

The component can also be built using Maven. (Ant is the primary build tool.)
It can be found here :

Once installed, the jars may be built with 'maven jar'.
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