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If you are using CouchDB and, possibly, CouchDB-Lucene to create your PHP site then these tools might just make your life a little easier.

I've created this project because of lack of querying capabilities in CouchDB's Futon for views and Lucene extension. I also know I should've created a couch app, but this way was faster.


Here's a screen for CouchDB query helper and here's another for Lucene

Quick-Start Guide

  1. Copy project folder to any web directory

  2. Configure CouchDB access through config.php. Note that you may configure more than one database at a time.

     $cdb[0] = new couchClient("http://<user>:<pass>@<host>:<port>/", "<db_name>"); 
  3. Just use it by running couch.php or lucene.php from your browser


Don't hesitate to submit your feedback, bugs reports and feature requests!

Special Thanks

Thanks to the PHP-On-Couch project by dready92