A small daemon that memorizes which keyboard layout was last used with on an application and takes care of switching to it for you.
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I'm a non native english speaker that uses a U.S. keyboard layout for programming because of the convinient placement of many keys used frequently in many programming languages.

I was very frustrated that I couldn't map a keyobard layout to an applications in OSX so I wrote this small application.

It monitors application switches and checks if it has a specific keyboard assigned to it. If it does it switches the system input source to it. It also monitors when you switch the system layout manually and assigns that to the currently active application.

NOTE: Please set your input source options to Use the same one in all documents. You can find it in the "Language & Text" section of the Preference panel under the "Input Sources" tab.


By all means! Please clone, modify and issue pull requests. This is my first "official" OSX application and all feedback is much appreciated!


  • Make your own mappings from the preference screen.


Standard OSX installation. Download zip from the downloads section, unzip and drag application to the Application folder on your Mac.