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@@ -147,7 +147,7 @@ Possible SES options are the following:
* **AWSAccessKeyID** - AWS access key (required)
* **AWSSecretKey** - AWS secret (required)
- * **ServiceUrl** - optional API endpoint URL (defaults to *""*)
+ * **ServiceUrl** - optional API end point URL (defaults to *""*)
@@ -158,7 +158,7 @@ Example:
### Setting up Sendmail
-Sendmail transport method streams the compiled message to the stdin of *sendmail*
+Sendmail transport method streams the compiled message to the *stdin* of *sendmail*
Configuration is really easy, the options parameter is optional but you can
@@ -210,18 +210,18 @@ Example:
var transport = new nodemailer.Transport("Sendmail");
var mailOptions = {
+ transport: transport,
from: "",
to: "",
subject: "Hello world!",
- text: "Plaintext body",
- transport: transport
+ text: "Plaintext body"
nodemailer.sendMail(mailOptions, function(){});
### Attachment fields
-Attahcment object cosists of the following properties:
+Attahcment object consists of the following properties:
* **fileName** - filename to be reported as the name of the attached file, use of unicode is allowed (except when using Amazon SES which doesn't like it)
* **cid** - optional content id for using inline images in HTML message source
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