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unofficial fortumo sms payment bindings for node.js
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node-fortumo is unofficial binding for the Fortumo SMS payment API. You can listen for incoming SMS messages and response to them with ease. See example/server.js for usage.


Set up the account

  • Create an account at
  • Set up a new Mobile Payments/Premium SMS API service here
  • Set as the receiving URL and optionally charset to UTF-8 if you want to use non-latin characters

Set up the server

  • install node-fortumo with npm install fortumo

Sample script

NB! Update service_id and secret in the script with the actual tokens of your service.

var FortumoSMSServer = require("fortumo").FortumoSMSServer;

var options = {
    service_id: "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX", // public service ID
    secret:     "YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY"  // secret service token

var fortumo = new FortumoSMSServer(options);

fortumo.on("sms", function(sms, response){
    console.log(sms); // outputs the sms data to the console

See example/server.js for a better example

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