Added support for the client to authenticate using CRAM-MD5 #20

merged 2 commits into from Sep 22, 2012

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Depends on the crypto module.

Added two functions, one which performs the hashing and sends a response to the server's challenge string, and one function that checks the server's reply to determine whether we logged in successfully.

Altered the _actionEHLO function to check for CRAM-MD5 as a supported auth type.

@andris9 andris9 merged commit 1948361 into andris9:master Sep 22, 2012

Thanks! I had CRAM support implemented in a previous version of SMTP client library but when I rewrote the module, didn't really bother to reimplement CRAM support. It is not a good authentication method mainly because servers need to store plaintext passwords in order to support it - with LOGIN or PLAIN they can store hashes but with CRAM the original password is needed. In addition to that, security should be provided by using encrypted transport.

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