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ART-Extension for Android Nougat

ART-Extension project (Android Nougat)

ART-Extension is an Android Runtime (ART) extension that adds features and optimizations on top of what AOSP provides. It has been tested and works on Intel platforms, but could easily be brought up on ARM as well. A few of the optimizations are Intel-specific, but most are generic. Most are compiler-related, but there are a few garbage collection and runtime tweaks as well.


ART-Extension was developed and open sourced by Intel (TM) Corporation to deliver best Android UX on x86 platform. It consists of a flexible pass compilation framework and number of optimizations. Pass compilation framework allows to manage an order of compiler optimizations applied, supports dataflow consistency, optimizations order.

In addition to the base optimizations in the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), ART-Extension implements or introduces new use models at least for the following optimizations:

  • Speculative devirtualization
  • Enhanced loop formation
  • OSR graph rebuilder
  • Value propagation through heap
  • Pure invokes analysis
  • Loop peeling
  • Enhanced constant folding after inlining
  • Form bottom loops
  • Phi cleanup
  • Find IVs
  • Trivial loop evaluator
  • Non temporal move
  • Constant calculation sinking
  • Remove loop suspend checks
  • Load hoisting and Store sinking
  • Aggressive use removal
  • Basic block simplifier
  • Remove unused loops
  • Loop full unrolling
  • Dead code elimination final pass
  • Commutative trees flipper


To start using ART-Extension one needs to follow the steps:

  1. Download AOSP Nougat source code and other libraries. To do that execute script. It will download the correct version of AOSP. Setup proxy settings on your system if needed.

  2. will apply patches needed for ART-Extension. One can do it manually by executing script.

  3. Build Android image using AOSP for your device/emulator:

    • See instructions at (your device must be supported by AOSP build or use x86 emulator).
    • To start build with ART-Extension one needs to use VENDOR_ART_PATH= option in make, emulator build example: "make dist VENDOR_ART_PATH=art-extension droid"
    • ART-Extension was tested to build and boot to GUI on at least x86 emulator, to build ARM emulator one should add "WITH_DEXPREOPT=false" to the build options, besides testing showed ARM emulator was not able to boot to GUI.
  4. Flash your device or start emulator (use AOSP instructions), test it, and then try.


Apache License Version 2.0

See LICENSE file for details.


ART-Extension for Android Nougat







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