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Privacy control(XPrivacyLua)

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You can control the privacy/permission of apps in VitualXposed by XPrivacyLua.

Really simple to use privacy manager for Android 6.0 Marshmallow and later (successor of XPrivacy).

Revoking Android permissions from apps often let apps crash or malfunction. XPrivacyLua solves this by feeding apps fake data instead of real data.


  1. Only support Android 6.0 Marshmallow and later.
  2. Can not work for system apps or components.


  1. Install XPrivacyLua to VirtualXposed. Please install version 1.23.17 or later, lower version is not supported. Here is [Download Page](Download
  2. Open Xposed Installer in VirtualXposed, go to the module settings and check XPrivacyLua. (XPrivacyLua is a Xposed module, you must enable it first)
  3. Open XPrivacyLua in VirtualXposed, check the restrictions you want to apply in specific apps.
  4. Go to VirtualXposed's Settings, click the Reboot. All the restrictions will take effect.


Why not support Android 5.x or lower?

XPrivacyLua only support Android 6.0 or later, XPrivacy supoorts Android 5.x, but I think it need more works to do and it is unnecessary. If you want to use XPrivacyLua, please upgrade your system.

Why my app crashes?

XPrivacyLua is designed to let apps not crash. However, sometimes an app will crash because of a restriction because there is a bug in the app. For example XPrivacyLua can return no data to an app while the app is not expecting this but should be prepared to handle this because the Android API documentation says this might happen.

If you suspect that a restriction is causing a crash because there is a bug in the restriction, please fire an issue to me.

Can i restrict Network/Storage permission?

Access to the internet and to the device storage can only be prevented by revoking Linux permission from an app, which will often result in the app crashing. Therefore this will not be added.

For more information, you can refer the FAQ of XPrivacyLua.

If you encounter any problem in VirtualXposed, please contact me first, maybe it is bug of VirtualXposed, if it is bug of XPrivacyLua, I will contact the author instead.

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