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This code is still ugly, please re-write it and send pull-requests, if you want to use this.


  • Download the Android Native Development Kit (NDK):

  • Extract into some directory and put that in your path: export PATH=ANDK_DIR:$PATH

  • In another directory clone this repo: git clone --recursive

  • Change to the directory where the repo was cloned cd android_run_root_shell

  • To start build process use the following ndk-build NDK_PROJECT_PATH=. APP_BUILD_SCRIPT=./

  • If all goes well you will get the compiled binary at: ./libs/armeabi/run_root_shell


  • Download the Android Software Development Kit (SDK) ADT Bundle:

  • Extract into some directory and put the platform-tools folder in your path: export PATH=SDK_DIR/sdk/platform-tools/:$PATH

  • Change to the directory with the compiled run_root_shell binary (see above)

  • Connect your Android device through USB (click Cancel if it asks to enable USB storage; charging only is the correct mode) and enable USB debugging on the device.

  • Start the adb server on your computer: sudo adb start-server

  • Transfer run_root_shell to a temporary directory on the phone: adb push run_root_shell /data/local

  • Ensure that run_root_shell has execute permissions: adb shell chmod 777 /data/local/run_root_shell

  • Run the command on the phone: adb shell /data/local/run_root_shell