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Android AppRestrictionEnforcer Sample

This sample demonstrates how to set restrictions to other apps as a profile owner. Use the AppRestrictionSchema sample to set restrictions.


The Android Device Administration API allows enterprise administrators to enforce specific policies on a managed device. The system provides policies that control settings such as password complexity, screen lock, or camera availability. Developers can also augment this list with custom policies that control specific features within their applications. For example, a web browser could provide access to a whitelist of allowed domains.

This sample demonstrates the 'admin' component and shows how a number of custom properties (booleans, strings, numbers, lists) can be set and enforced on another app.

See the AppRestrictionSchema sample for further details.


  • Android SDK 28
  • Android Build Tools v28.0.3
  • Android Support Repository



Getting Started

This sample uses the Gradle build system. To build this project, use the "gradlew build" command or use "Import Project" in Android Studio.


If you've found an error in this sample, please file an issue:

Patches are encouraged, and may be submitted by forking this project and submitting a pull request through GitHub. Please see for more details.

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