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Merge "Fixed uchar.h for clang3.6"

latest commit 77455f85ab
@enh enh authored Gerrit Code Review committed
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arch-arm Merge "Add support for cortex-a53 in bionic."
arch-arm64 Merge "Add support for cortex-a53 in bionic."
arch-common/bionic Properly align init/fini_arrays for crtend.o
arch-mips [MIPS] Add optimized string functions
arch-mips64 [MIPS] Add optimized string functions
arch-x86 Hide accidentally-exposed __clock_nanosleep.
arch-x86_64 Hide accidentally-exposed __clock_nanosleep.
bionic Improve personality initialization
dns Pass around struct android_net_context for better behaviour
include Merge "Fixed uchar.h for clang3.6"
kernel Update the search path for
private ScopedFd: Don't use TEMP_FAILURE_RETRY() with close()
stdio Don't use TEMP_FAILURE_RETRY on close in bionic.
stdlib Hide __atexit
tools Strip version info when extracting symbols
tzcode Changes to re-enable overrides for tz data
upstream-dlmalloc Return total footprint, not high water mark.
upstream-freebsd Clean up <stdlib.h> slightly.
upstream-netbsd Remove bogus transitive includes.
upstream-openbsd Hide __atexit
zoneinfo Update timezone data to 2015e Use gcc to build and test x86_64 long double code.
MODULE_LICENSE_BSD auto import from //depot/cupcake/@135843
NOTICE Update NOTICE files (the second time today).
SYSCALLS.TXT Hide accidentally-exposed __clock_nanosleep. Make section type SH_NOTE Pass around struct android_net_context for better behaviour
version_script.txt Revert "Fix volantis boot."
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