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add fortified readlink/readlinkat implementations

Change-Id: Ia4b1824d20cad3a072b9162047492dade8576779
latest commit 42281880a8
@thestinger thestinger authored
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arch-arm Use assembly memmove for all arm32 processors.
arch-arm64 Try again to fix clang build.
arch-common/bionic Make section type SH_NOTE
arch-mips Remove _memset16 and _memset32 from mips/mips64 bionic.
arch-mips64 Remove _memset16 and _memset32 from mips/mips64 bionic.
arch-x86 Fix addition of extra arg to cfi_restore.
arch-x86_64 Use ALIAS_SYMBOL for assembler aliasing.
bionic add fortified readlink/readlinkat implementations
dns Make ThreadLocalBuffer a class rather than a macro.
include add fortified readlink/readlinkat implementations
kernel Upgrade kernel headers to 3.18.10.
private Update the number of jemalloc reserved keys.
stdio Hide internal of pthread_mutex_t.
stdlib Call __cxa_thread_finalize for the main thread.
tools Update tool to generate ICU4J data jars
tzcode Changes to re-enable overrides for tz data
upstream-dlmalloc Return total footprint, not high water mark.
upstream-freebsd Clean up <stdlib.h> slightly.
upstream-netbsd Remove bogus transitive includes.
upstream-openbsd Call __cxa_thread_finalize for the main thread.
zoneinfo Upgrade timezone data to 2015b add fortified readlink/readlinkat implementations
MODULE_LICENSE_BSD auto import from //depot/cupcake/@135843
NOTICE Update bionic NOTICE files.
SYSCALLS.TXT Hide statfs/fstatfs' ST_VALID flag from userspace. Make section type SH_NOTE
version_script.txt Fix volantis boot.
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