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Make getgrent deprecated.

Bug: 19340053
Change-Id: Ie8b97f840d9e87555e6a3d591fc87bc08c2d6820
latest commit b8b5a72f41
Yabin Cui authored
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arch-arm Fix "faccessat ignores flags"
arch-arm64 Fix "faccessat ignores flags"
arch-common/bionic Make section type SH_NOTE
arch-mips Fix "faccessat ignores flags"
arch-mips64 Fix "faccessat ignores flags"
arch-x86 Fix "faccessat ignores flags"
arch-x86_64 Fix "faccessat ignores flags"
bionic Move endpwent to ndk_cruft.cpp.
dns Define MAXHOSTNAMELEN explicitly in source files.
include Make getgrent deprecated.
kernel Define MAXHOSTNAMELEN explicitly in source files.
private valgrind can't find syscall because we didn't put it in <unistd.h>.
stdio Fix optimized fread.
tools Set INCLUDE_UNI_CORE_DATA=1 when rebuilding ICU4C time zone data.
tzcode libc: Fix mktime returns an uncorrect time in empty TZ case
upstream-dlmalloc Return total footprint, not high water mark.
upstream-freebsd Clean up <stdlib.h> slightly.
upstream-netbsd Remove bogus transitive includes.
upstream-openbsd Fix memchr overflow.
zoneinfo Update tzdata to tzdata2015a Fix "faccessat ignores flags"
MODULE_LICENSE_BSD auto import from //depot/cupcake/@135843
NOTICE Update bionic NOTICE files.
SYSCALLS.TXT Fix "faccessat ignores flags" Make section type SH_NOTE
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