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cortex-a9: Fix reference to __memcpy_base_aligned.

With a different memcpy, __memcpy_base_aligned ceased to exist.
Instead, point to the name defined by whatever includes memcpy_base.S

Change-Id: I242cf49cbada35337ba155d7f170e86a905ff55f
latest commit e0905c94d3
@MWisBest MWisBest authored
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bionic Stop libc from cross-referencing unwind symbols
cortex-a15 Use assembly memmove for all arm32 processors.
cortex-a7 libc/arm: add cortex-a7 cpu variant
cortex-a8 libc/arm: add cortex-a8 cpu variant
cortex-a9 cortex-a9: Fix reference to __memcpy_base_aligned.
denver Move the generic arm memcmp.S into the generic directory.
generic Clean up <stdlib.h> slightly.
include/machine Add ARM_IRELATIVE relocation
krait Use assembly memmove for all arm32 processors.
syscalls Simplify close(2) EINTR handling.
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