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%top {
/* Must come first for _LARGE_FILE_API on AIX. */
#include "config.h"
* We want a reentrant scanner.
%option reentrant
* And we need to pass the compiler state to the scanner.
%option extra-type="compiler_state_t *"
* We don't use input, so don't generate code for it.
%option noinput
* We don't use unput, so don't generate code for it.
%option nounput
* We don't read from the terminal.
%option never-interactive
* We want to stop processing when we get to the end of the input.
%option noyywrap
* We want to generate code that can be used by a reentrant parser
* generated by Bison or Berkeley YACC.
%option bison-bridge
* Copyright (c) 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997
* The Regents of the University of California. All rights reserved.
* Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without
* modification, are permitted provided that: (1) source code distributions
* retain the above copyright notice and this paragraph in its entirety, (2)
* distributions including binary code include the above copyright notice and
* this paragraph in its entirety in the documentation or other materials
* provided with the distribution, and (3) all advertising materials mentioning
* features or use of this software display the following acknowledgement:
* ``This product includes software developed by the University of California,
* Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory and its contributors.'' Neither the name of
* the University nor the names of its contributors may be used to endorse
* or promote products derived from this software without specific prior
* written permission.
#ifdef _WIN32
#include <pcap-stdinc.h>
#include <inttypes.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#include <sys/bitypes.h>
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <ctype.h>
#include <string.h>
#include "pcap-int.h"
#include "gencode.h"
#include "grammar.h"
* Earlier versions of Flex don't declare these, so we declare them
* ourselves to squelch warnings.
int pcap_get_column(yyscan_t);
void pcap_set_column(int, yyscan_t);
#ifdef INET6
#ifdef _WIN32
* To quote the MSDN page for getaddrinfo() at
* "Support for getaddrinfo on Windows 2000 and older versions
* The getaddrinfo function was added to the Ws2_32.dll on Windows XP and
* later. To execute an application that uses this function on earlier
* versions of Windows, then you need to include the Ws2tcpip.h and
* Wspiapi.h files. When the Wspiapi.h include file is added, the
* getaddrinfo function is defined to the WspiapiGetAddrInfo inline
* function in the Wspiapi.h file. At runtime, the WspiapiGetAddrInfo
* function is implemented in such a way that if the Ws2_32.dll or the
* Wship6.dll (the file containing getaddrinfo in the IPv6 Technology
* Preview for Windows 2000) does not include getaddrinfo, then a
* version of getaddrinfo is implemented inline based on code in the
* Wspiapi.h header file. This inline code will be used on older Windows
* platforms that do not natively support the getaddrinfo function."
* We use getaddrinfo(), so we include Wspiapi.h here. pcap-stdinc.h
* includes Ws2tcpip.h, so we don't need to include it ourselves.
#include <Wspiapi.h>
#else /* _WIN32 */
#include <sys/socket.h> /* for "struct sockaddr" in "struct addrinfo" */
#include <netdb.h> /* for "struct addrinfo" */
#endif /* _WIN32 */
/* Workaround for AIX 4.3 */
#if !defined(AI_NUMERICHOST)
#define AI_NUMERICHOST 0x04
#endif /*INET6*/
#include <pcap/namedb.h>
#include "grammar.h"
#include "os-proto.h"
static int stoi(char *);
static inline int xdtoi(int);
N ([0-9]+|(0X|0x)[0-9A-Fa-f]+)
B ([0-9A-Fa-f][0-9A-Fa-f]?)
B2 ([0-9A-Fa-f][0-9A-Fa-f][0-9A-Fa-f][0-9A-Fa-f])
W ([0-9A-Fa-f][0-9A-Fa-f]?[0-9A-Fa-f]?[0-9A-Fa-f]?)
%a 18400
%o 21500
%e 7600
%k 4550
%p 27600
%n 2000
V680 {W}:{W}:{W}:{W}:{W}:{W}:{W}:{W}
V670 ::{W}:{W}:{W}:{W}:{W}:{W}:{W}
V671 {W}::{W}:{W}:{W}:{W}:{W}:{W}
V672 {W}:{W}::{W}:{W}:{W}:{W}:{W}
V673 {W}:{W}:{W}::{W}:{W}:{W}:{W}
V674 {W}:{W}:{W}:{W}::{W}:{W}:{W}
V675 {W}:{W}:{W}:{W}:{W}::{W}:{W}
V676 {W}:{W}:{W}:{W}:{W}:{W}::{W}
V677 {W}:{W}:{W}:{W}:{W}:{W}:{W}::
V660 ::{W}:{W}:{W}:{W}:{W}:{W}
V661 {W}::{W}:{W}:{W}:{W}:{W}
V662 {W}:{W}::{W}:{W}:{W}:{W}
V663 {W}:{W}:{W}::{W}:{W}:{W}
V664 {W}:{W}:{W}:{W}::{W}:{W}
V665 {W}:{W}:{W}:{W}:{W}::{W}
V666 {W}:{W}:{W}:{W}:{W}:{W}::
V650 ::{W}:{W}:{W}:{W}:{W}
V651 {W}::{W}:{W}:{W}:{W}
V652 {W}:{W}::{W}:{W}:{W}
V653 {W}:{W}:{W}::{W}:{W}
V654 {W}:{W}:{W}:{W}::{W}
V655 {W}:{W}:{W}:{W}:{W}::
V640 ::{W}:{W}:{W}:{W}
V641 {W}::{W}:{W}:{W}
V642 {W}:{W}::{W}:{W}
V643 {W}:{W}:{W}::{W}
V644 {W}:{W}:{W}:{W}::
V630 ::{W}:{W}:{W}
V631 {W}::{W}:{W}
V632 {W}:{W}::{W}
V633 {W}:{W}:{W}::
V620 ::{W}:{W}
V621 {W}::{W}
V622 {W}:{W}::
V610 ::{W}
V611 {W}::
V600 ::
V6604 {W}:{W}:{W}:{W}:{W}:{W}:{N}\.{N}\.{N}\.{N}
V6504 ::{W}:{W}:{W}:{W}:{W}:{N}\.{N}\.{N}\.{N}
V6514 {W}::{W}:{W}:{W}:{W}:{N}\.{N}\.{N}\.{N}
V6524 {W}:{W}::{W}:{W}:{W}:{N}\.{N}\.{N}\.{N}
V6534 {W}:{W}:{W}::{W}:{W}:{N}\.{N}\.{N}\.{N}
V6544 {W}:{W}:{W}:{W}::{W}:{N}\.{N}\.{N}\.{N}
V6554 {W}:{W}:{W}:{W}:{W}::{N}\.{N}\.{N}\.{N}
V6404 ::{W}:{W}:{W}:{W}:{N}\.{N}\.{N}\.{N}
V6414 {W}::{W}:{W}:{W}:{N}\.{N}\.{N}\.{N}
V6424 {W}:{W}::{W}:{W}:{N}\.{N}\.{N}\.{N}
V6434 {W}:{W}:{W}::{W}:{N}\.{N}\.{N}\.{N}
V6444 {W}:{W}:{W}:{W}::{N}\.{N}\.{N}\.{N}
V6304 ::{W}:{W}:{W}:{N}\.{N}\.{N}\.{N}
V6314 {W}::{W}:{W}:{N}\.{N}\.{N}\.{N}
V6324 {W}:{W}::{W}:{N}\.{N}\.{N}\.{N}
V6334 {W}:{W}:{W}::{N}\.{N}\.{N}\.{N}
V6204 ::{W}:{W}:{N}\.{N}\.{N}\.{N}
V6214 {W}::{W}:{N}\.{N}\.{N}\.{N}
V6224 {W}:{W}::{N}\.{N}\.{N}\.{N}
V6104 ::{W}:{N}\.{N}\.{N}\.{N}
V6114 {W}::{N}\.{N}\.{N}\.{N}
V6004 ::{N}\.{N}\.{N}\.{N}
V6 ({V680}|{V670}|{V671}|{V672}|{V673}|{V674}|{V675}|{V676}|{V677}|{V660}|{V661}|{V662}|{V663}|{V664}|{V665}|{V666}|{V650}|{V651}|{V652}|{V653}|{V654}|{V655}|{V640}|{V641}|{V642}|{V643}|{V644}|{V630}|{V631}|{V632}|{V633}|{V620}|{V621}|{V622}|{V610}|{V611}|{V600}|{V6604}|{V6504}|{V6514}|{V6524}|{V6534}|{V6544}|{V6554}|{V6404}|{V6414}|{V6424}|{V6434}|{V6444}|{V6304}|{V6314}|{V6324}|{V6334}|{V6204}|{V6214}|{V6224}|{V6104}|{V6114}|{V6004})
MAC ({B}:{B}:{B}:{B}:{B}:{B}|{B}\-{B}\-{B}\-{B}\-{B}\-{B}|{B}\.{B}\.{B}\.{B}\.{B}\.{B}|{B2}\.{B2}\.{B2}|{B2}{3})
dst return DST;
src return SRC;
link|ether|ppp|slip return LINK;
fddi|tr|wlan return LINK;
arp return ARP;
rarp return RARP;
ip return IP;
sctp return SCTP;
tcp return TCP;
udp return UDP;
icmp return ICMP;
igmp return IGMP;
igrp return IGRP;
pim return PIM;
vrrp return VRRP;
carp return CARP;
radio return RADIO;
ip6 return IPV6;
icmp6 return ICMPV6;
ah return AH;
esp return ESP;
atalk return ATALK;
aarp return AARP;
decnet return DECNET;
lat return LAT;
sca return SCA;
moprc return MOPRC;
mopdl return MOPDL;
iso return ISO;
esis return ESIS;
es-is return ESIS;
isis return ISIS;
is-is return ISIS;
l1 return L1;
l2 return L2;
iih return IIH;
lsp return LSP;
snp return SNP;
csnp return CSNP;
psnp return PSNP;
clnp return CLNP;
stp return STP;
ipx return IPX;
netbeui return NETBEUI;
host return HOST;
net return NET;
mask return NETMASK;
port return PORT;
portrange return PORTRANGE;
proto return PROTO;
protochain {
bpf_error(yyextra, "%s not supported", yytext);
gateway return GATEWAY;
type return TYPE;
subtype return SUBTYPE;
direction|dir return DIR;
address1|addr1 return ADDR1;
address2|addr2 return ADDR2;
address3|addr3 return ADDR3;
address4|addr4 return ADDR4;
ra return RA;
ta return TA;
less return LESS;
greater return GREATER;
byte return CBYTE;
broadcast return TK_BROADCAST;
multicast return TK_MULTICAST;
and|"&&" return AND;
or|"||" return OR;
not return '!';
len|length return LEN;
inbound return INBOUND;
outbound return OUTBOUND;
vlan return VLAN;
mpls return MPLS;
pppoed return PPPOED;
pppoes return PPPOES;
geneve return GENEVE;
lane return LANE;
llc return LLC;
metac return METAC;
bcc return BCC;
oam return OAM;
oamf4 return OAMF4;
oamf4ec return OAMF4EC;
oamf4sc return OAMF4SC;
sc return SC;
ilmic return ILMIC;
vpi return VPI;
vci return VCI;
connectmsg return CONNECTMSG;
metaconnect return METACONNECT;
on|ifname return PF_IFNAME;
rset|ruleset return PF_RSET;
rnr|rulenum return PF_RNR;
srnr|subrulenum return PF_SRNR;
reason return PF_REASON;
action return PF_ACTION;
fisu return FISU;
lssu return LSSU;
lsu return LSSU;
msu return MSU;
hfisu return HFISU;
hlssu return HLSSU;
hmsu return HMSU;
sio return SIO;
opc return OPC;
dpc return DPC;
sls return SLS;
hsio return HSIO;
hopc return HOPC;
hdpc return HDPC;
hsls return HSLS;
[ \r\n\t] ;
[+\-*/%:\[\]!<>()&|\^=] return yytext[0];
">=" return GEQ;
"<=" return LEQ;
"!=" return NEQ;
"==" return '=';
"<<" return LSH;
">>" return RSH;
${B} { yylval->e = pcap_ether_aton(((char *)yytext)+1);
if (yylval->e == NULL)
bpf_error(yyextra, "malloc");
return AID; }
{MAC} { yylval->e = pcap_ether_aton((char *)yytext);
if (yylval->e == NULL)
bpf_error(yyextra, "malloc");
return EID; }
{N} { yylval->i = stoi((char *)yytext); return NUM; }
({N}\.{N})|({N}\.{N}\.{N})|({N}\.{N}\.{N}\.{N}) {
yylval->s = sdup(yyextra, (char *)yytext); return HID; }
{V6} {
#ifdef INET6
struct addrinfo hints, *res;
memset(&hints, 0, sizeof(hints));
hints.ai_family = AF_INET6;
hints.ai_flags = AI_NUMERICHOST;
if (getaddrinfo(yytext, NULL, &hints, &res))
bpf_error(yyextra, "bogus IPv6 address %s", yytext);
else {
yylval->s = sdup(yyextra, (char *)yytext); return HID6;
bpf_error(yyextra, "IPv6 address %s not supported", yytext);
#endif /*INET6*/
{B}:+({B}:+)+ { bpf_error(yyextra, "bogus ethernet address %s", yytext); }
icmptype { yylval->i = 0; return NUM; }
icmpcode { yylval->i = 1; return NUM; }
icmp-echoreply { yylval->i = 0; return NUM; }
icmp-unreach { yylval->i = 3; return NUM; }
icmp-sourcequench { yylval->i = 4; return NUM; }
icmp-redirect { yylval->i = 5; return NUM; }
icmp-echo { yylval->i = 8; return NUM; }
icmp-routeradvert { yylval->i = 9; return NUM; }
icmp-routersolicit { yylval->i = 10; return NUM; }
icmp-timxceed { yylval->i = 11; return NUM; }
icmp-paramprob { yylval->i = 12; return NUM; }
icmp-tstamp { yylval->i = 13; return NUM; }
icmp-tstampreply { yylval->i = 14; return NUM; }
icmp-ireq { yylval->i = 15; return NUM; }
icmp-ireqreply { yylval->i = 16; return NUM; }
icmp-maskreq { yylval->i = 17; return NUM; }
icmp-maskreply { yylval->i = 18; return NUM; }
tcpflags { yylval->i = 13; return NUM; }
tcp-fin { yylval->i = 0x01; return NUM; }
tcp-syn { yylval->i = 0x02; return NUM; }
tcp-rst { yylval->i = 0x04; return NUM; }
tcp-push { yylval->i = 0x08; return NUM; }
tcp-ack { yylval->i = 0x10; return NUM; }
tcp-urg { yylval->i = 0x20; return NUM; }
[A-Za-z0-9]([-_.A-Za-z0-9]*[.A-Za-z0-9])? {
yylval->s = sdup(yyextra, (char *)yytext); return ID; }
"\\"[^ !()\n\t]+ { yylval->s = sdup(yyextra, (char *)yytext + 1); return ID; }
[^ \[\]\t\n\-_.A-Za-z0-9!<>()&|=]+ {
bpf_error(yyextra, "illegal token: %s", yytext); }
. { bpf_error(yyextra, "illegal char '%c'", *yytext); }
/* Hex digit to integer. */
static inline int
register int c;
if (isdigit(c))
return c - '0';
else if (islower(c))
return c - 'a' + 10;
return c - 'A' + 10;
* Convert string to integer. Just like atoi(), but checks for
* preceding 0x or 0 and uses hex or octal instead of decimal.
static int
char *s;
int base = 10;
int n = 0;
if (*s == '0') {
if (s[1] == 'x' || s[1] == 'X') {
s += 2;
base = 16;
else {
base = 8;
s += 1;
while (*s)
n = n * base + xdtoi(*s++);
return n;