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Merge "IndexOutOfBoundsException on addPreference in PreferenceGroup"

latest commit f518ad0a49
@alanv alanv authored Gerrit Code Review committed
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api Merge "Fix issue #23116383: Include security patch level in Settings"…
cmds am e62421f: Merge "Teach Pm about the "always ask" link-handling stat…
core Merge "IndexOutOfBoundsException on addPreference in PreferenceGroup"
data am 53c38c8: Merge "Revert "Create a special CONSTRAINED font bucket i…
docs am ce6b9db: Merge "Update docs for RS object API fixes."
drm constify JNINativeMethod function pointer tables
graphics am c0ce6c4: Merge "Reduce risk of memory corruption due to finalizati…
include Allow debugging only for apps forked from zygote
keystore Add more examples of generating/importing keys to Javadocs.
libs resolved conflicts for bd57dac to stage-aosp-master
location Fix privacy leaks in LocationManager
media am ead371d: Merge "Remove use of \'_\' variable name"
native am 66f5aff: Merge "Fix bug number for linker related workarounds"
nfc-extras Clean up dist files.
obex OBEX: Handle GET operation properly
opengl/java Add tracing to GLSurfaceView
packages Merge "Import translations. DO NOT MERGE" into stage-aosp-master
rs am 46b5109: Merge "Safely handle interrupts during Thread.join()"
samples/training/network-usage cherrypick from ics-mr1 docs: source for nw app Change-Id: If50f407a0…
sax Remove unused imports from frameworks/base.
services resolved conflicts for 4ed21bf to stage-aosp-master
telecomm/java Fix incorrect android.telecom.Call.Details equality check.
telephony/java Save data registration roaming state
test-runner am 9352af2: Merge "Remove dependencies on the package installer\'s pa…
tests am 81f3a85: Merge "Fix issue #22940169: "pm grant" can no longer gran…
tools Add a textual hint as to where aidl has gone
wifi/java/android/net/wifi Merge "Boot loop when SSID has non UTF-8 character in the name" into … am 8d149d7: Merge "docs: Update developer docs make file to include A… Remove device initializer status messages
MODULE_LICENSE_APACHE2 auto import from //depot/cupcake/@135843
NOTICE Original DnsSd TxtRecord file
preloaded-classes Frameworks/base: Update preloaded-classes
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