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Latest commit 03f14be Oct 21, 2016 Treehugger Robot committed with Gerrit Code Review Merge "Camera2 Legacy: catch more surface abandoned error"
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api Merge "API changes for Locale to OpenJDK8u60 (part 1/2)" Oct 3, 2016
cmds Merge "RRO: Synchronize access to overlays.list" Oct 12, 2016
core Camera2 Legacy: catch more surface abandoned error Oct 21, 2016
data Remove net_bt_stack group and replace it with bluetooth Sep 20, 2016
docs Updated user document for Single-Source RenderScript Sep 3, 2016
drm Stop including libcore/include/ in most of frameworks/base. Sep 15, 2016
graphics Only block invalidation in DrawableContainer initialization Jun 17, 2016
include Merge \"Handle long process names correctly.\" Jul 19, 2016
keystore More thorough cleansing of expired users Jun 15, 2016
libs Merge "Fix static analyzer warnings." Oct 18, 2016
location Docs: Suppress errors in SystemApi Build Jun 1, 2016
media Merge "Remove .mk lines that are just setting the default" Oct 6, 2016
native Move libjnigraphics to ndk_library. Sep 27, 2016
nfc-extras Clean up dist files. May 21, 2013
obex Allow getResponseCode to block if response hasn't been received from … Aug 22, 2016
opengl/java Make surfaceRedrawNeeded forgiving Apr 18, 2016
packages Hide QS customizer correctly Oct 18, 2016
proto add metrics for gestural notification expansions May 26, 2016
rs Merge "Rely on the platform -std default." Oct 8, 2016
samples/training/network-usage cherrypick from ics-mr1 docs: source for nw app Change-Id: If50f407a0… Aug 8, 2012
sax Remove unused imports from frameworks/base. Nov 20, 2013
services fix mistaken check of mScreenBrightnessDarkConfig Oct 21, 2016
telecomm/java Merge "Switch on android.telecom.Log in Telecom" Oct 20, 2016
telephony/java Add editable_voicemail_number key to CarrierConfig Sep 30, 2016
test-runner ContextImpl: Keep DisplayAdjustments and Display in sync Jun 22, 2016
tests Don't pull in external/junit through mockito Aug 29, 2016
tools Merge "Fix a static-analyzer warning." Oct 20, 2016
wifi Merge "wifi: WifiEnterpriseConfig: use ParcelUtil to parcelize key an… Oct 6, 2016
Android.bp Move libjnigraphics to ndk_library. Sep 27, 2016 Remove (now) unnecessary reference to core-lambda-stubs. Sep 22, 2016 Fix incremental build Mar 3, 2016
MODULE_LICENSE_APACHE2 auto import from //depot/cupcake/@135843 Mar 4, 2009
NOTICE Original DnsSd TxtRecord file Apr 4, 2012
compiled-classes-phone Frameworks/base: Update compiled-classes-phone Jun 7, 2016
preloaded-classes Merge "Ensure apps cannot prevent uncaught exceptions being logged." Aug 9, 2016