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Merge "Fix NPE in JobServiceContext when closing job."

latest commit a51f14d00e
Chris Tate authored Gerrit Code Review committed
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api Move new script group API into ScriptGroup class
cmds Explicitly use clang.
core Look at map extensions before /dev/ + ashmem.
data Merge "Add 8 more scripts to the font fallback chain." into lmp-mr1-dev
docs Document hprof-conv -z
drm Frameworks/base: Wall Werror in drm
graphics Merge "Frameworks/base: Don't allocate another identity matrix"
include Merge "Fix UB in ResourceTable::stringToInt."
keystore Merge "Add OP_AUTH_NEEDED KeyStore result code"
libs Add a static dependency on libbase.
location am a4c40c3: am 72d3384: Merge "Missing break in switch statement"
media Merge "Sometimes the application context is null"
native Switch libjnigraphics to sysv-only hash style
nfc-extras Clean up dist files.
obex Bluetooth: Support MAP Client role on Bluedroid.
opengl/java Re-allow suppressing onDetachedFromWindow
packages Merge "third part apps can disable the secret lockscreen"
policy Prevent infinite layout and wallpaper flashing
rs Move new script group API into ScriptGroup class
samples/training/network-usage cherrypick from ics-mr1 docs: source for nw app Change-Id: If50f407a0…
sax Remove unused imports from frameworks/base.
services Merge "Fix NPE in JobServiceContext when closing job."
telecomm/java Merge "Fixing conference merge where only one party is added to confe…
telephony/java GpsLocationProvider: Read data enabled status from TelephonyManager. …
test-runner am 42fec57: am d996843: Merge "Fix issue with call backs from media p…
tests am e488ce8: am 94e3021: Merge "AAPT: Handle all old unversioned attri…
tools Add a static dependency on libbase.
wifi/java/android/net/wifi Frameworks/base: Fix a hashCode implementation Add ProcessInfoService to activity manager. Obliterate LockPatternUtilsCache
MODULE_LICENSE_APACHE2 auto import from //depot/cupcake/@135843
NOTICE Original DnsSd TxtRecord file
preloaded-classes Load ICU4J data on boot
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