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MOTOYA changed two kinds of Japanese font files.

<The design image was changed to the full size>

From "U+FF10 fullwidth zero" to "U+FF19 fullwidth nine"

<Following characters were added>

"U+203C double exclamation poin","U+2047 double question mark","U+2048 question exclamation point"

"U+2049 exclamation question mark","U+261A Black left pointing index","U+261B Black right pointing index"

"U+261C White left pointing index","U+261D White up pointing index","U+261E White right pointing index"

"U+261F White down pointing index"

Change-Id: I1641926c13ce8e11fde794f5584119ad44607374
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1 parent 9907d16 commit 1afdb59680697a023e2c8b2db18df9be58511182 yoshinaka committed Apr 6, 2011
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  1. BIN data/fonts/MTLc3m.ttf
  2. BIN data/fonts/MTLmr3m.ttf
BIN data/fonts/MTLc3m.ttf
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BIN data/fonts/MTLmr3m.ttf
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