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Latest commit e168012 Martijn Coenen committed with Gerrit Code Review Merge "Implementation of HCE for NFC-F."
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arrays.xml Floating toolbar old theme fix
attrs.xml Implementation of HCE for NFC-F.
attrs_manifest.xml Fix @code escapes
bools.xml Stack alert dialog buttons when they are too long
colors.xml Bringing new Chooser UI closer to spec
colors_holo.xml Implement landscape layout for time picker dialog
colors_leanback.xml Tweak leanback form style
colors_legacy.xml Material theme
colors_material.xml Update Material link text to be colorAccent
config.xml Fix typo in config.xml file
dimens.xml Consolidates config_windowOutsetBottom and circular_display_mask_offset
dimens_leanback.xml Add fragment animations to setup leanback theme
dimens_material.xml Move padding from navigation and overflow icons to Toolbar
donottranslate-cldr.xml Remove obsolete 'numeric_date_template'.
donottranslate-maps.xml Move map center resources out of arrays.xml.
donottranslate-names.xml Moving contacts-specific strings to donottranslate files.
donottranslate.xml Make webview text encoding and keySystemUUID mapping and error page p…
donottranslate_material.xml Fix menu styling
ids.xml Change stylus button press to context click in View - API review feed…
integers.xml Add animations for the system bar color views
public.xml Change MNC codename to just M.
strings.xml Update permission label strings
styles.xml Merge "Update seek bar dialog preference for Material" into mnc-dev
styles_device_defaults.xml Clean up date picker attributes, add carets
styles_holo.xml Implement landscape layout for time picker dialog
styles_leanback.xml Update text appearance in leanback setup
styles_material.xml Move padding from navigation and overflow icons to Toolbar
styles_micro.xml Adds an option to override RemoteViews transition.
symbols.xml Customize auto-brightness parameters
themes.xml Enforce FloatingToolbar themes.
themes_device_defaults.xml Make work profile apps easier to pick in ResolverActivity
themes_holo.xml Fix @code escapes
themes_leanback.xml Have Activity Transitions activited by a new window attribute.
themes_material.xml Fix @code escapes
themes_micro.xml Introduce indirection for base micro themes.
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