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Latest commit ade9937 Dec 9, 2016 Brad Ebinger Add UI prompt for MMI code failure on 3gpp
Some carriers do not support call forwarding MMI codes while roaming
on 3gpp networks. A new message has been added that clarifies this
to the user.

Test: Manual
Bug: 30106345
Merged-In: Id8d3434b02346eaad4f52d514a3269b5750ca1c3
Change-Id: Id8d3434b02346eaad4f52d514a3269b5750ca1c3
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arrays.xml Update preloaded drawables May 24, 2016
attrs.xml Allow developer to override Material-style modes in picker dialogs Sep 23, 2016
attrs_manifest.xml Round icons Jun 2, 2016
bools.xml Remove some sized based resource (match support lib removal). Dec 4, 2015
colors.xml Changed the appearance of fullscreen intent notifications again Jul 22, 2016
colors_device_defaults.xml Adding minimal customizable background colour support. Oct 7, 2016
colors_holo.xml Clean up legacy colors Oct 6, 2015
colors_leanback.xml Tweak leanback form style Aug 14, 2014
colors_legacy.xml Fix legacy orange. Oct 7, 2015
colors_material.xml Fix hint text color to align with latest Material spec Sep 6, 2016
config.xml Turn off Dynamic IMS switching for now Feb 1, 2017
config_material.xml Add offset to round screens when an AlertDialog list item is shown. Aug 18, 2016
dimens.xml Make RemoteView margins density-change safe Jun 13, 2016
dimens_leanback.xml Add fragment animations to setup leanback theme Aug 14, 2014
dimens_material.xml Changes styling on number, date and time pickers. Aug 2, 2016
donottranslate-cldr.xml Remove obsolete 'numeric_date_template'. Feb 7, 2015
donottranslate-maps.xml Move map center resources out of arrays.xml. Mar 19, 2012
donottranslate-names.xml Moving contacts-specific strings to donottranslate files. Aug 14, 2009
donottranslate.xml Mark 'candidates_style' as not translatable Sep 1, 2016
donottranslate_material.xml Fix menu styling Aug 16, 2014
ids.xml Re-add Internal API for cross-task Activity used by assistant. Jun 8, 2016
integers.xml Fixes date and time picker to use integer values Aug 9, 2016
locale_config.xml Re-implements the locales selection with suggestions and search. Jan 20, 2016
public.xml N MR1 is API 25 Jul 1, 2016
strings.xml Add UI prompt for MMI code failure on 3gpp Feb 9, 2017
styles.xml Focus behavior for scroll containers in watch mode Aug 23, 2016
styles_device_defaults.xml Fix material style errors in suggestion popup window. Jan 20, 2016
styles_holo.xml Fix incorrect inheritance from TextAppearance to Widget. May 12, 2016
styles_leanback.xml Update text appearance in leanback setup Sep 11, 2014
styles_material.xml Remove background for button bar for watch devices. Sep 10, 2016
symbols.xml Add UI prompt for MMI code failure on 3gpp Feb 9, 2017
themes.xml Merge \"Fix popup context menu appearing brokenly.\" into nyc-dev Jun 28, 2016
themes_device_defaults.xml Adding customizable background color support for watch. Oct 14, 2016
themes_holo.xml Switch the default text selection handles to Material style. May 11, 2016
themes_leanback.xml Have Activity Transitions activited by a new window attribute. Sep 11, 2014
themes_material.xml Update text appearances for watch type device to conform with typogra… Jul 29, 2016