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Load libraries directly from apk

 Introduced new 'extractNativeLibs' attribute to manifest/application.
 Setting it to false prevents installer from extracting library from apk.

 The default value for extractNativeLibs is true.

Bug: 8076853
(cherry picked from commit ff193d642eea7128faad837d19e347cd25212c27)
Change-Id: I1aa2c039bb2a590ae72f256acc9ba5401c2c59b1
latest commit dec4688f40
@dimitry- dimitry- authored
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arrays.xml Changes related to setting default color for sim in multisim.
attrs.xml Merge "Slide supports Gravity.START and Gravity.END." into lmp-mr1-dev
attrs_manifest.xml Load libraries directly from apk
bools.xml Keyguard: Show IME automatically on tablets
colors.xml Changes related to setting default color for sim in multisim.
colors_holo.xml Add public attributes for TimePicker styling
colors_leanback.xml Tweak leanback form style
colors_legacy.xml Material theme
colors_material.xml Adjust edit text layout, ripple alphas to be closer to Material spec
config.xml am 88a9a2a: Merge "Support for faster brightness response to light ch…
dimens.xml Support circular magnification frame on circular devices
dimens_leanback.xml Add fragment animations to setup leanback theme
dimens_material.xml Avoid creating futures for drawables with no constant state
donottranslate-cldr.xml Remove obsolete 'numeric_date_template'.
donottranslate-maps.xml Move map center resources out of arrays.xml.
donottranslate-names.xml Moving contacts-specific strings to donottranslate files.
donottranslate.xml Make webview text encoding and keySystemUUID mapping and error page p…
donottranslate_material.xml Fix menu styling
ids.xml Add IDs for status and nav-bar backgrounds.
integers.xml Add animations for the system bar color views
public.xml Load libraries directly from apk
strings.xml resolved conflicts for merge of e1e1cd9 to lmp-mr1-dev-plus-aosp
styles.xml Implement Material-style delegate for CalendarView
styles_device_defaults.xml Clean up TimePicker and DatePicker styling
styles_holo.xml Merge "Remove underline and search icon from ActionBar search view" i…
styles_leanback.xml Update text appearance in leanback setup
styles_material.xml Update preference dialog padding to Material
styles_micro.xml Adding wallpaper animations
symbols.xml am 88a9a2a: Merge "Support for faster brightness response to light ch…
themes.xml Fix Material styling in remaining dialogs and layouts
themes_device_defaults.xml Make work profile apps easier to pick in ResolverActivity
themes_holo.xml Add activated text colors, update Material preference header
themes_leanback.xml Have Activity Transitions activited by a new window attribute.
themes_material.xml Update action bar insets on sw600dp to match Material spec
themes_micro.xml Sets windowOverscan for all Wear DeviceDefault themes.
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