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Latest commit 7362a90 Stephen Hines committed with Gerrit Code Review Merge "Remove unused rsCpuRuntimeMathFuncs.cpp file."
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annotations Fix annotations javadoc build
customtabs Fix typo in CustomTabsSession#setActionButton javadoc
design Merge "Fix Tabs not filling correctly in FIXED mode" into mnc-ub-dev
gradle/wrapper Update Support library gradle build files. DO NOT MERGE.
graphics Add the support lib for VD and AVD
percent Add uploadArchives task to percent build.gradle
previewsdk Add previewsdk support library
recommendation Merge "Add @ColorInt and @DrawableRes to recommendations" into mnc-ub…
scripts Add support library deps-license script
tests Add missing junit-runner dependency
v13 Add 23.1.0 API files
v14 Merge "Add divider support to preference support lib" into mnc-ub-dev
v17 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
v4 Fix @code escapes
v7 Fix crash on Explay Fresh 4.2.2 devices, caused by bug in the ROM
v8 Remove unused rsCpuRuntimeMathFuncs.cpp file.
.gitignore Merge commit '211dda02' into mnc-dev Build the support Gradle repository in a SDK build Add cleanstep for frameworks/support. Fix multi source folder API checking
apicheck_msg_current.txt Generate API files for the support libraries DO NOT MERGE
apicheck_msg_last.txt Generate API files for the support libraries DO NOT MERGE
build.gradle Update revision to 25 and support lib to 23.1.1
gradlew Update gradlew to relocate .gradle into out/... Revert "MediaRouter: expand group volume section as much as it can"
settings.gradle resolved conflicts for merge of 262c085 to mnc-ub-dev
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