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Fixed un-initialized variable warnings

These un-initialized variables were being used before initialized.

Change-Id: I80c94c5e0c2e959834b99618549377bfb3607272
Author: Tareq A. Siraj <>
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1 parent ce76e2d commit 8bcfb8bcfffb1a5b3f81dd09f061d452c8508e8a Tareq A. Siraj committed with Edwin Vane Jul 20, 2012
Showing with 2 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +2 −2 sh/eval.c
4 sh/eval.c
@@ -687,14 +687,14 @@ evalcommand(union node *cmd, int flags, struct backcmd *backcmd)
struct cmdentry cmdentry;
struct job *jp;
struct jmploc jmploc;
- struct jmploc *volatile savehandler;
+ struct jmploc *volatile savehandler = 0;
char *volatile savecmdname;
volatile struct shparam saveparam;
struct localvar *volatile savelocalvars;
volatile int e;
char *lastarg;
const char *path = pathval();
- volatile int temp_path;
+ volatile int temp_path = 0;
#if __GNUC__
/* Avoid longjmp clobbering */
(void) &argv;

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