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libsuspend: force autosleep off during init

If autosuspend_autosleep_init is called when autosleep is enabled,
for example after a runtime restart with the screen off, the kernel
autosleep state will be enabled, but autosuspend_enabled is false.
Further calls to autosuspend_disable by the framework will not result
in autosleep being disabled.

Call autosuspend_autosleep_disable from autosuspend_autosleep_init
to get the kernel state into a known state that matches the
autosuspend_enabled flag.

Bug: 7119416
Change-Id: I8611e4fd256838272aad4382c2340508805b0376
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1 parent 96094ae commit b98865586bcf7779150c461b64e4fe49972f6351 @colincross colincross committed Sep 22, 2012
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  1. +3 −0 libsuspend/autosuspend_autosleep.c
@@ -95,5 +95,8 @@ struct autosuspend_ops *autosuspend_autosleep_init(void)
ALOGI("Selected autosleep\n");
+ autosuspend_autosleep_disable();
return &autosuspend_autosleep_ops;

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