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Work on issue #2259506: camera ANRed and then device runtime restarted

New event log tag for when a process fails to start.

Change-Id: Icb08757e1514a1d6f5462d22b931114c10b964b2
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1 parent 02effee commit bace01078259614f54c5082fae9ccdb37f27590c Dianne Hackborn committed Nov 17, 2009
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@@ -282,6 +282,8 @@
30035 am_schedule_service_restart (Component Name|3),(Time|2|3)
# A client was waiting for a content provider, but its process was lost
30036 am_provider_lost_process (Package Name|3),(UID|1|5),(Name|3)
+# The activity manager gave up on a new process taking too long to start
+30037 am_process_start_timeout (PID|1|5),(UID|1|5),(Process Name|3)
# Out of memory for surfaces.
31000 wm_no_surface_memory (Window|3),(PID|1|5),(Operation|3)

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