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Python Shell
Latest commit e7a3bcb @spearce spearce Merge branch 'stable'
* stable:
  Fix mirror clients with no worktree
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docs Merge branch 'stable'
hooks Automatically install Gerrit Code Review's commit-msg hook
subcmds Merge branch 'stable'
tests Fix error parsing a non-existant configuration file
.gitignore .gitignore: add an entry for repopickles
.project Add PyDev project files to repo
.pydevproject Add PyDev project files to repo
COPYING Initial Contribution
SUBMITTING_PATCHES Document how to contribute to the repo project Add -p to `repo forall` to improve output formatting Make path references OS independent Fix for handling values of EDITOR which contain a space. Document any crashes from the user's text editor Use os.environ.copy() instead of dict() Merge branch 'stable' Make refs/remotes/m management the manifest object's responsibility
git_ssh Don't allow git fetch to start ControlMaster Merge branch 'stable' Merge branch 'stable' Introduce manifest format using git submodules Merge branch 'stable' Merge branch 'stable' Don't start the pager if stdout is a pipe Do not emit progress if stderr is not a tty Merge branch 'stable'
repo Merge branch 'stable' Fix `repo --trace` to show ref and config loads
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