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Introduce manifest format using git submodules

If a manifest top level directory contains '.gitmodules' we now
assume this is a git module format manifest and switch to using
that code, rather than the legacy XML based manifest.

At the same time, we move the bare repository for a project from
$TOP/.repo/projects/$REPO_PATH.git to be $REPO_NAME.git instead.
This makes it easier for us to later support a repo init from an
existing work tree, as we can more accurately predict the path of
the project's repository in the workspace.  It also means that the
$TOP/.repo/projects/ directory is layed out like a mirror would be.

Signed-off-by: Shawn O. Pearce <>
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+repo Manifest Format (submodule)
+A repo manifest describes the structure of a repo client; that is
+the directories that are visible and where they should be obtained
+from with git.
+The basic structure of a manifest is a bare Git repository holding
+a 'gitmodules' file in the top level directory, and one or more
+gitlink references pointing at commits from the referenced projects.
+This is the same structure as used by 'git submodule'.
+Manifests are inherently version controlled, since they are kept
+within a Git repository. Updates to manifests are automatically
+obtained by clients during `repo sync`.
+The '.gitmodules' file, located in the top-level directory of the
+client's working tree (or manifest repository), is a text file with
+a syntax matching the requirements of 'git config'.
+This file contains one subsection per project (also called a
+submodule by git), and the subsection value is a unique name to
+describe the project. Each submodule section must contain the
+following required keys:
+ * path
+ * url
+Defines the path, relative to the top-level directory of the client's
+working tree, where the project is expected to be checked out. The
+path name must not end with a '/'. All paths must be unique within
+the .gitmodules file.
+At the specified path within the manifest repository a gitlink
+tree entry (an entry with file mode 160000) must exist referencing
+a commit SHA-1 from the project. This tree entry specifies the
+exact version of the project that `repo sync` will synchronize the
+client's working tree to.
+Defines a URL from where the project repository can be cloned.
+By default `repo sync` will clone from this URL whenever a user
+needs to access this project.
+Name of the branch in the project repository that Gerrit Code Review
+should automatically refresh the project's gitlink entry from.
+If set, during submit of a change within the referenced project,
+Gerrit Code Review will automatically update the manifest
+repository's corresponding gitlink to the new commit SHA-1 of
+this branch.
+Valid values are a short branch name (e.g. 'master'), a full ref
+name (e.g. 'refs/heads/master'), or '.' to request using the same
+branch name as the manifest branch itself. Since '.' automatically
+uses the manifest branch, '.' is the recommended value.
+If this key is not set, Gerrit Code Review will NOT automatically
+update the gitlink. An unset key requires the manifest maintainer
+to manually update the gitlink when it is necessary to reference
+a different revision of the project.
+This key is not supported by repo. If set, it will be ignored.
+The optional '.review' file, located in the top-level directory of
+the client's working tree (or manifest repository), is a text file
+with a syntax matching the requirements of 'git config'.
+This file describes how `repo upload` should interact with the
+project's preferred code review system.
+URL of the default Gerrit Code Review server. If a project does
+not have a specific URL in the '.review' file, this default URL
+will be used instead.
+Project specific URL of the Gerrit Code Review server, for the
+submodule whose project name is <name>.
+ $ cat .gitmodules
+ [submodule "app/Clock"]
+ path = clock
+ url = git://
+ revision = .
+ [submodule "app/Browser"]
+ path = net/browser
+ url = git://
+ revision = .
+ $ cat .review
+ [review]
+ url =
+ [review "app/Browser"]
+ url =
+In the above example, the app/Clock project will send its code
+reviews to the default server,, while
+app/Browser will send its code reviews to
+See Also
+ *
+ *
+ *
@@ -13,11 +13,14 @@
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.
+from manifest_submodule import SubmoduleManifest
from manifest_xml import XmlManifest
def ParseManifest(repodir, type=None):
if type:
return type(repodir)
+ if SubmoduleManifest.Is(repodir):
+ return SubmoduleManifest(repodir)
return XmlManifest(repodir)
_manifest = None
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