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Exit with statuscode 0 for repo help init

The complete help text is printed, so the program executed successfully.

Some tools (like OpenGrok) detects the availibility of a program by
running it with a known set of options and check the return code.
It is an easy and portable way of checking for the existence of a program
instead of searching the path (and handle extensions) ourselves.

Change-Id: Ic13428c77be4a36d599ccb8c86d893308818eae3
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1 parent 0048b69 commit d3fd537ea59272e2141ccee839400a93c0196e36 @trondn trondn committed with spearce Jan 3, 2011
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@@ -479,6 +479,7 @@ def _Help(args):
if args:
if args[0] == 'init':
+ sys.exit(0)
print >>sys.stderr,\
"error: '%s' is not a bootstrap command.\n"\

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