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Please note GitHub issue tracker is not a user support forum, we discuss development here. If you have questions about just using AA, please go to our mailing list or stackoverflow.

Bug reports should be...


Bug reports should have:

  • Precise, descriptive summaries.
  • Informative, concise descriptions.
  • A neutral tone, avoiding complaints or conjecture.


Bug reports should contain:

  • The simplest steps to reproduce the issue, or...
  • A failing test fixture for the bug.


Only publish one bug per report accompanied by:

  • A detailed description of the issue focusing on the facts.
  • Expected and actual results.
  • Versions of software, platform and operating system used.
  • Crash data, including stack traces, log files, screenshots and other relevant information.


Please search for duplicates before reporting a bug and ensure summaries include relevant keywords to make it easier for others to find duplicates.

Feature requests should contain...

  • Description of the feature
  • List and usages of the new annotation(s)
  • Examples of the generated code

14/10/2018 The 4.5.1 release is out !

Using AndroidAnnotations


Enjoying AndroidAnnotations

Improving AndroidAnnotations

Extending AndroidAnnotations

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