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2/10/2017 The 4.4.0 release is out !

Using AndroidAnnotations


Enjoying AndroidAnnotations

Improving AndroidAnnotations

Extending AndroidAnnotations

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  • Pierre-Yves Ricau and Damien Villeneuve presented AndroidAnnotations at Lyon JUG. Lyon JUG

Photo by Alexis THOMAS

Devoxx France

Photo by Claude Falguière

  • Alexandre Thomas and Pierre-Yves Ricau presented AndroidAnnotations at PAUG.



Linux Mag France


  • Amro Mousa on Twitter

    I freaking live by @AndAnnotations these days. Makes Android development a breeze.

  • Jerome BaToN on Twitter

    @AndAnnotations achievement unlocked : you're an open source hero :)

  • Mohit Aggarwal, on the mailing list

    What an awesome library. So many features are just at fingertips. I [...] find AA indispensable for all future development. [...] Using AA is like having an extra team member.

  • funk78 in an issue

    That was one point when i started AA where i said WOW that it wouldnt let me make mistakes and brainfuck myself like a jboss installation does

  • Matteo Panella on Twitter

    @AndAnnotations is perhaps the most clever use case for the Java APT I ever saw. Great job, guys :-)