A TextView library that allows the user to increase/decrease font size with a two finger gesture by the user.
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PinchZoomTextView Library

This library allows you to have a TextView that will grow/shrink the font size using gestures from the user.


To have access to the library, add the dependency to your build.gradle:

	compile 'com.androidessence:pinchzoomtextview:1.0.1'

Developer Notes

By default, the zoom feature is always enabled. If for any reason you want to disable it, simply call the PinchZoomTextView#setZoomEnabled(boolean enabled) method.


To see the library in action, here is a sample of the text size changing:

Credits & Contact

PinchZoomTextView was created by:

With special thanks to Eric Cugota for helping me get this into Bintray and make it available for you.

And it's released under Android Essence blog.


PinchZoomTextView is available under the MIT License. You are free to do with it what you want. If you submit a pull request, please add your name to the credits section. :)