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Android app which helps to do something great in life
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Android app which helps to do something great in life

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A short story... It's hard for me to control my time and works which i must done. So i came up to conclusion about giving such important task for my phone to remind me what i must do at certain time

Why there is a task word? As for me i think that words have a great power. So this is the best weapon to fight with oneself first of all.

And about actions. I think it doesn't matter to specify here what action has been done because they must be similar. The primary idea is simplicity of usage and extensibility of ideas by growing count of apps.

Let's plan today a great purpose and getting closer to it everyday!

Good luck!!! 😄


Download DoSmthGreat...apk (latest version recommended) with folder files to start usage

About next steps read here

IMPORTANT NOTE! min supported version of Android is 4.2 Jelly Bean (API 17)

How to use

Please read docs for specific version on wiki

Tips and tricks

  • Awesome cross platform program for edit SQLite databases

  • Text can be passed with html tags

TODO list

  • Make clickable days of calendar to display information
  • Make calendar grid system github like which shows action activity for everyday
  • Make import/export of records table (in case of changing phone and etc.)
  • Publish on Google Play
  • Add sample apps with great ideas
  • Add more available tasks


Big thanks to library

Please, never gives up and always be a little bit or more better :)


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