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LoWPAN driver for Android Things

This driver supports UART-based LoWPAN peripherals that use the Spinel protocol with the recommended UART framing mechanism. This is the communications protocol supported by Network Co-Processor (NCP) devices running OpenThread.

NOTE: these drivers are not production-ready. They are offered as sample implementations of Android Things user space drivers for common peripherals as part of the Developer Preview release. There is no guarantee of correctness, completeness or robustness.

Hardware support

This driver has been tested with supported OpenThread developer boards running the pre-built NCP firmware images. We recommend the Nordic nRF52840-PDK to get started.

For more details on building your own LoWPAN drivers to support additional hardware, see the API guide.

How to use the driver

Gradle dependency

To use the lowpan driver, simply add the line below to your project's build.gradle, where <version> matches the last version of the driver available on jcenter.

dependencies {
    compile '<version>'

Sample usage

UartLowpanDriver mLowpanDriver;

try {
    mLowpanDriver = new UartLowpanDriver(
            this,           // context


    // At this point you can access the lowpan network through the APIs
    // provided by LowpanManager.
} catch (IOException e) {
    // couldn't configure the lowpan driver...

// Unregister and close the input driver when finished:

try {
} catch (IOException e) {
    // error closing lowpan driver


Copyright 2017 Google Inc.

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