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Aakash Bazaar


Aakash Bazaar is an Android application for Aakash tablet specially meant for browsing application developed for Aakash. This is a client end which searches for updates or new applications on a server. The server is running F-droid server which actually hosts all the apks.

On client end we have a repository hierarchy. When started, it search for a local server, if a local server exist, it fetches application details like name, summary, description, icon etc and displays it in a form of list. A user can click on an application to see detail description like screenshots and ratings(yet to implement!!).

To set up a server please follow this link. Once the server is setup and working, you can add the server address to Aakash Bazaar by going to 'Menu' -> 'Manage Repos'. To update the application list with newly added repository, please click 'Update Repos' under 'Menu'.

This repo contains the modified version of F-Droid application.

You may download the latest version of aakash bazaar from here


  1. Clone this repo by typing

    git clone
  2. Make a separate branch from master

    git branch new-feature
  3. Checkout to new branch

    git checkout new-feature
  4. Send us a pull request


Applications such as APL(Aakash programming lab) and ABT(Aakash business tool) are not compatible with other android devices as they have system level dependencies.


Distributed under GNU GPL Version 3

All rights belong to the National Mission on Education through ICT, MHRD, Government of India.

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