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Command line interface for the tumblr-lks-downldr module.
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CLI tool for downloading your precious Tumblr likes.

You have probably liked posts with text, photos, quotes, links, chats, audio, videos or/and answers BUT this is just for IMAGES.


How to use

Install Node.js in order to run tumblr-lks-downldr-cli.

Install the module globally and then you'll have access to the tumblr-lks-downldr-cli command anywhere on your system (use the same command to update it):

npm install -g tumblr-lks-downldr-cli

Then just run tumblr-lks-downldr-cli defining you Tumblr url and the number of likes that you want to download (if you don't set any number the default is the whole list of liked posts that can actually be really big):

tumblr-lks-downldr-cli -u '' -l 1000

And of course a custom path if you want:

tumblr-lks-downldr-cli -u '' -l 1000 -p 'my-stupid-folder'

If you want to save the image captions, add the -a flag:

tumblr-lks-downldr-cli -u '' -l 1000 -p 'my-stupid-folder' -a


I'm definitely trying to maintain the utility updated so if anyone find an issue, don't hesitate to report it here.

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