@andru-kun andru-kun released this Feb 4, 2019 tuned auto parameters for Vega, fixed support for Bonaire and Tonga tuned auto parameters for RX550 and for some algorithms for other gpu's removed diff for each share and fixed auto-parameters for hex fixed x21s fixed hmq1725(hope last one fix for different hash-funcs :)) fixed algorithms where was used echo, groestl and jh fixed "Duplicate share" problem for fast algo's some minor fixes and speed improvement for bmw512

  • increased a bit speed of lyra2v3
  • added bmw512
  • added diff-factor parameter
  • added support for Lexa RX550(gfx804)
  • fixed support for Fiji and Tonga
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@andru-kun andru-kun released this Feb 1, 2019

  • tweaked lyra2v3 a bit
  • fixed x16rt to support GIN coin
  • temporary removed mtp algo(will be improved in next releases)
  • implemented auto parameter for --opencl-threads and --opencl-launch(will work only for RX460/RX560, RX470/RX570, RX480/RX580 and Vega 56/64)
  • now Ctrl+C(closing the miner) works more correctly fixed skunkhash fixed problem with Ctrl+C

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Sep 14, 2018
Initial commit
Sep 14, 2018
Initial commit

@andru-kun andru-kun released this Dec 11, 2018

  • added support for lyra2v3, glt-astralhash, glt-jeonghash, glt-padihash and glt-pawelhash
  • more correct shutdown of miner
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@andru-kun andru-kun released this Dec 6, 2018

optimal parameters are --opencl-threads 1 --opencl-launch 23x0. Two threads per GPU looks like can boost for cards with 8Gb of VRAM.

  • added algo lyra2vc0ban
  • patched hashorder calculation for dedal algo
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@andru-kun andru-kun released this Dec 3, 2018

  • x20r preview

WARNING: mine ASTRAL coin for your own risk. This coin looks pretty suspicious for me, because dev's are not active and website is still not working.

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@andru-kun andru-kun released this Nov 30, 2018

  • added algo x21s, dedal
  • correct checking rejects from pools like suprnova
  • improved speed of hex, hmq1725, x16r, x16s, x22i
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Sep 14, 2018
Initial commit

@andru-kun andru-kun released this Nov 24, 2018

  • improved hashrate for hex, hmq1725, sonoa, x16r, x16s, x17, x18 and x22i
  • extended accepted/rejected message with number of GPU that solved the share
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