An Amazon CloudFront extension for middleman which allows you to invalidate CloudFront CDN cache
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A deploying tool for middleman which allows you to interact with Amazon CloudFront. Some of its features are:

  • CloudFront cache invalidation;
  • Ability to call it from command line and after middleman build;
  • Ability to filter files which are going to be invalidated by regex;



Add this to Gemfile:

gem "middleman-cloudfront"

Then run:

bundle install


Edit config.rb and add:

activate :cloudfront do |cf|
  cf.access_key_id = 'I'
  cf.secret_access_key = 'love'
  cf.distribution_id = 'cats'
  # cf.filter = /\.html$/i  # default is /.*/
  # cf.after_build = false  # default is false

On Amazon use following parameters inside your IAM policy:

  "Version": "2012-10-17",
  "Statement": [
      "Sid": "Stmt1409254980000",
      "Effect": "Allow",
      "Action": [
      "Resource": [


If you set after_build to true cache would be automatically invalidated after build:

bundle exec middleman build

Otherwise you should run it through commandline interface like so:

bundle exec middleman invalidate

or from within Middleman, optionally specifying a list of files to invalidate:

# Invalidate automatic selection of files from build directory

# Invalidate explicit list of files
invalidate %w(/index.html /images/example.png)

S3 + Cloudfront deploying

In real world this gem shouldn't be used alone, but as a part of your deployment solution. As for me I use it with middleman-sync and my configuration file looks like this:

configure :build do
  # so there would be no need in invalidationg css-js files on cdn
  activate :asset_hash

activate :sync do |sync|
  sync.fog_provider = 'AWS'
  sync.fog_directory = '...'
  sync.fog_region = 'us-west-1'
  sync.aws_access_key_id = ENV['AWS_ACCESS_KEY']
  sync.aws_secret_access_key = ENV['AWS_SECRET']
  sync.existing_remote_files = 'delete'
  sync.gzip_compression = true

activate :cloudfront do |cf|
  cf.access_key_id = ENV['AWS_ACCESS_KEY']
  cf.secret_access_key = ENV['AWS_SECRET']
  cf.distribution_id = '...'
  cf.filter = /\.html$/i

And when I want to deploy my site I do:

AWS_ACCESS_KEY= AWS_SECRET= bundle exec middleman sync
AWS_ACCESS_KEY= AWS_SECRET= bundle exec middleman invalidate

If you use middleman-s3_sync for deployment, you can use its after_s3_sync hook to automatically invalidate updated files after syncing:

after_s3_sync do |files_by_status|
  invalidate files_by_status[:updated]

NOTE: The after_s3_sync hook only works with middleman-s3_sync v3.x and below. It has been removed in v4.0.