Make vim suck less. A collection of configurations and plugins that turns vim in a better editor.
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Startervim is a collection of vim scripts, plugins and configurations to make vim suck less. A modern vim approach is used, including pathogen and automatic update of plugins (aka as bundles).

The included bundles at the moment are:

* syntastic
* nerdtree
* nerdcommenter
* delimitMate
* fakeclip
* snipmate
* supertab
* matchit
* align
* tabular
* fugitive
* cucumber
* tslime
* ruby
* rails
* cute-python
* pydoc
* pyflakes-vim


You need an standalone ruby interpreter. Automatic download/update of bundles is handled by a ruby script. It's fine to have a vim without ruby support.

Installation is performed by user, and not system-wide. Your old .vim/ and .vimrc files are saved as ~/.$file-name.%date%.bak . To install, simple issue this commands:

$ git clone git://
$ cd startervim
$ ./

And you're done! You may wanna edit your ~/.vimrc or ~/.vimrc-keymaps , but i've already provided it with sensible defaults ;)

Managing plugins/bundles

This is a modern vim, you know? This means that that horrible mess sitting in your .vim/ folder is not there anymore. Each plugin (i like to call it bundles) resides in it own container, inside bundle/bundle-name. Nice isn't?

A helper is included to manage bundles and stay them always updated. This is provided by the useful ruby script vim-update-bundles, which works with git repositories. A mirror is provided to all plugins in, so you can use all plugins from without further problems.

How do i install new bundles?

First, you need to make sure that the bundle you want is in a git repository. Try to find your plugin/bundle here.

Now, open your vimrc and add the following line

# --- BUNDLE http://path-to-the-git-repository

And now run :UpdateBundles inside vim.

How do i remove a bundle ?

Open your vimrc and remove the specific bundle line. Run :UpdateBundles again, and you're done :)

What about updating my bundles ?

Just run :UpdateBundles inside vim.

How do i know what bundles/versions are installed?

:help bundles


  • tpope for cleaning the mess with vim plugins (pathogen)
  • bronsom to his incredible work on vim-update-bundles and vim-scripts mirror.