acts_as_rateable rails plugin -- hasn't been maintained in ages, probably been superceded multiple times... however, I don't have the time to maintain it anymore, so if somebody wants to claim it and bring it up to date, it's all yours!! :)
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acts_as_rateable Rails Plugin

RubyForge Project Page:

Any questions/comments can be addressed to Chris Ingrassia <> 

Adds the ability to rate/rank arbitrary ActiveRecord model objects

Please see "MIT-LICENSE" in the top level directory of this distribution and the notices in the
source files for distribution and copyright information.


To install, simply run:

script/plugin install svn://

You'll then need to make the ratings table.  You should probably make a migration to do so, which
you can do with the following command:

script/generate migration add_ratings

Then edit the resulting migration source that it puts in db/migrate (it will be named something
like 015_add_ratings.rb, the number at the beginning of the filename will probably be different
in your instance).

The table needed by the plugin needs to be named "ratings" and have three columns in addition
to the primary key.

They are:

rating	integer
rateable_id	integer
rateable_type string

You can do this in your migration with the following code:

def self.up
	create_table :ratings do |t|
		t.column :rating, :integer	# You can add a default value here if you wish
		t.column :rateable_id :integer, :null => false
		t.column :rateable_type, :string, :null => false
	add_index :ratings, [:rateable_id, :rating]	# Not required, but should help more than it hurts

def self.down
	drop_table :ratings

After saving the migration run the following from the top-level directory of your rails application:
$ rake migrate

After that, you should have everything you need setup and ready to go.

It probably wouldn't hurt to run through the included unit tests quickly, but you don't have to:

$ rake test:plugins


Pretty simple, really.  You just need to add "acts_as_rateable" at the top of your ActiveRecord model,
and everything should magically become available to you :)

	The Basics:
	Any model that acts_as_rateable has the following methods available to it:
	(see also the rdoc for FortiusOne::Acts::Rateable::ClassMethods#acts_as_rateable)
	rate(a_rating) : Rate the object with a_rating (integer)
	rating= : Alias for rate
	rating : Return the object's rating
	find_all_by_rating : Find all objects matching the rating criteria
	find_by_rating : Find the first object matching the rating criteria

	You can specify ratings as single integers, a list of integers, a range (setting one end of
	the range to "-1" will match all lower or higher values, depending on which end of the range
	it's on), or a mix of ranges and integers in a list (see examples below)
	class SillyWalk < ActiveRecord::Base
		# attributes: name, inventor
	end => "Not Very Silly", :inventor => "Mr. Pudey").save => "A Bit Silly", :inventor => "Mrs. Two-Lumps", :rating => 3).save => "Quite Silly", :inventor => "Mr. Teabag", :rating => 5).save
	# To update the rating after creation of the initial record...
	SillyWalk.find_by_name("Not Very Silly").rate(1)
	# You could also do this
	SillyWalk.find_by_name("Not Very Silly").rating = 1
	# Retreive the rating
	SillyWalk.find_by_name("Not Very Silly").rating # => 1
	# Find silly walks with a rating of at least 3
	SillyWalk.find_all_by_rating(3..-1) # => ["A Bit Silly", "Quite Silly"]
	# Find silly walks with a rating of 5 (only)
	SillyWalk.find_all_by_rating(5) # => ["Quite Silly"]
	# Find silly walks with a rating of 1 or 5
	SillyWalk.find_all_by_rating([1,5]) # => ["Not Very Silly", "Quite Silly"]
	# Find silly walks with a rating between 3 and 5, inclusive
	SillyWalk.find_all_by_rating(3..5) # => ["A Bit Silly", "Quite Silly"]
	# You can also mix specific ratings and ranges...
	SillyWalk.find_all_by_rating([1,3..5]) # => ["Not Very Silly", "A Bit Silly", "Quite Silly"]