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A prototype with use of Unreal Engine 4, where you have to leave the building by placing tables on appropriate pressure plates.
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Link to gameplay footage:
Link to executable game:

The goal in this game is to get to the last room of the building. You can achieve that by triggering pressure plates with mass of tables present inside.

left shift / RMB - grab tables
WSAD - player movement
mouse - rotating camera

music used:,,

files not on remote repository: I:\aaa - pulpit\projekty\Programowanie\C++ gamedev\kurs udemy\Section_03\BuildingEscaoe.vs\BuildingEscaoe\v15\Browse.VC.db I:\aaa - pulpit\projekty\Programowanie\C++ gamedev\kurs udemy\Section_03\BuildingEscaoe.vs\BuildingEscaoe\v15\ipch\AutoPCH\466ca81abd0b4fd3\BUILDINGESCAOE.ipch

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