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Simple jam-like game written in C++ and SFML
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Simple Logic Game burger starvation

Link to gameplay footage:

The goal is to deplete "feed" meter while keeping "poison" and "turns" meters higher than 0. You can achieve that by first trying which ingredient is "poisoned" - they deplete "poison" and "feed" meter by 1 after adding them and show purple dot near given ingredient. There are always 3 "poisoned" ingredients and 3 not "poisoned". Repeating any ingredient makes it 2 times less effective. It is important not to waste "turns" since you cannot get them back.

purple meter - "poison" meter, it depletes when you add "poisoned" ingredient into burger. When you add the same "poisoned" ingredient multiple times without using "reset" option it's poisonous effect is halved 2 times each time. Meter resets after using "reset" option. If you reach 0, you've lost.

light blue meter - "turns" meter, adding any ingredient always depletes it by 1. It does NOT reset after using "reset" option. If you reach 0, you've lost.

green meter - "feed" meter, it depletes when you add any ingredient, even "poisoned" one. Repeating the same ingredient without using "reset" option halves "feed" value of given ingredient. This meter resets if you use "reset" option. If you reach 0, you've won.

Reset button - it "resets" chosen aspects of game: "feed" meter, "poison" meter, "poison" and "feed" values back to default (1) and visual ingredients in the burger. It does not reset "turns" meter neither dots above ingredients that show if given one is "poisoned" or not.

Dots above ingredients - they are showing if given ingredient is "poisoned" or not. Purple dot means it is, light blue means it isn't. Although you have to discover them first. They do not reset after using "reset" option.

Escape button - pauses the game and gives option to retry or exit it. If game is paused it resumes it.

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